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I have been looking around the site and came to the Micheal 5 page, at the bottom is a Barbarian looking figure. where can I get the Mohawk hair?


On this page ^


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    I believe the mohawk was made with the Supersuit.


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    I think it was made with the M5 Elite hair

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    hmmm Okay thanks for replying I will look into it

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    here we go... my first post at the new DAZ site.

    That mo-hawk was made from the elite hair and I had planned to release some presets for it into the freepository after it was released.

    That never happened sorry and I have not been very inspired to do it while the site has been in such a mess.

    I can take a screenshot of my dials and post them in here or maybe even get a preset done over the weekend and post it.

    I stumbled on the mo-hawk settings before the Elite hair was released and whilst it can require some postwork it does create an awesome and very credible mo-hawk.... as you will see if you check out the M5 promo threads where some of my Punk M5 images were posted.

    here is one that was never posted showing a close up of it.

    Thanks Kerya for that info... although it is a shame to squash this down so small... but it is just to show another look at the mo-hawk for this thread.

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    Yes, this forum is still very chaotic.

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  • Alisa Uh-LisaAlisa Uh-Lisa Posts: 1,279
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    The mohawk is awesome :) Love your baby, Kerya! :)

  • lordofchaos_1lordofchaos_1 Posts: 15
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    @ MangeyDesigner I would love to see the dials as I have played with it and it looks like my 4 yr old son cut his hair
    And some presets would be great to. Thanks to everyone that helped me find this item.

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