April 1st Aluminum Club Exclusive- 1930s Oil Derrick

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This month's Aluminum Club freebie is being made Exclusively* to all Aluminum Club Members:


Not an Aluminum Club Member?
See Below for Details...

*Exclusively to anyone who knows how to read this and follow the links.
(this is not the "below for details"... thats belower)

1318 x 1029 - 303K
1398 x 1069 - 413K
1300 x 898 - 329K
1423 x 1042 - 424K
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    Below... here...

    FAQ About the Aluminum Club:

    Q- What the hell is the Aluminum Club?
    A- Something I made up while drinking beer.

    Q- How do I join the Aluminum Club?
    A- Fill out any form found at your local Department of Motor Vehicles, Armed Forces Recruitment Station, ASPCA or Post Office and mail it directly to:
    Santa Claus C/O Sasquatch
    North Pole 292839 suite 12B

    Q- What are the requirements to join the Aluminum Club?
    A- It is suggested subliminally that you meet the following requirements:
    1- The ability to fill out a form using a #2 crayon
    2- You must be fully clothed or at least wearing a stylish hat.
    3- You must have at least 3 moldy items in your refrigerator.
    4- Be able to read or have a helper monkey who reads.
    5- Own or Use a computer and have clean non-flammable socks.
    6- Be a Teacher or member of the US Armed Forces or have seen a picture of someone who is.

    Q- What are the benefits of Aluminum Club vs other clubs?
    A- None really, its quite stupid.

    Q- Is Aluminum Club dangerous?
    A- Probably.

    Q- Is the aluminum in Aluminum Club recyclable?
    A- No, its a figurative designation and no real aluminum is used. But if it were being used, it would be 7075-T651 series aviation grade alloy, due to its high tensile strength, low weight and relative hight cost versus other common alloy grades.

    Q- How do I properly cancel my Aluminum Club membership?
    A- You can't! Mooohooohooohaahaahaa! It's forever! Your Great Grandchildren will be part of it too!!! Mooohooohaahaahaahaaaaa!

    Q- What if I don't like my Aluminum Club model?
    A- Too damn bad.

    Q- Does Aluminum Club except Pay Pal?
    A- It's free, but if you want to give me access to you paypal account... sure.

    Q- How do I download an Aluminum Club item?
    A- There are only two methods- One of which is the proper method...

    Method "C":
    Step 1- Select the item you wish to download.

    Step B- Open either Notepad or TextEdit on your computational device and write that item's product name and description down in ancient Aramaic (Phoenician or any of the ancient Canaanite dialects will do).

    Step 3- Print out the item's information on a 8 3/4" x 12" sheet of off-white paper.

    Step D- Go to the local Supermarket and place the request form in a shopping cart (at the moment our shopping cart system is non-functional but this helps simulate the experience).

    Step 5- Go home and while sitting sideways in front of your computer, click on the item's link.

    Step F- With one eye closed and your left arm behind you, click on the the item's "download" link.

    Method "1":

    Step 1- Click on the item's main link.

    Step Last- Click on the item's download link.

    Please note: Only one of these methods is the correct method.
    Failure to use the proper method may result in any one or more of the following- Gingivitis, Immediate donation of all your current functional organs, a £ 10,000 HMRC penalty(UK only), account deletion, revocation of parol(US only), enrollment in the NEW Uranium Club 2, Impotency, Rickets and or Total Body Baldness.

    Q- Why Non-flammable socks?
    A- You'll find out later.

    **Victor Cook/Juniperfalls Studios reserves the right to randomly change the rules, benefits and requirements of Aluminum Club as well as the right to run amok in public using a super soaker filled with panda urine, all according to what the voices in my head tell me to do, or if I'm in a bad mood.

    Its late, but happy April fools day... the freebie is real... the club is a figment of my deranged mind though.

    Or is is?

    1300 x 464 - 145K
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    Finally, a prestigious Poser store club that I can afford to join!


    I don't have three moldy items in my fridge, but I think that I have some stale bread and old, rubbery, wilty baby carrots. :o)

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    Hmm... Got da envlope all addy-dressed, meat 1 and two got maw hat own and eben did a dress in cryon too. Not got any stamps but dem not mentioned I dont tink. I need a shoppy cart, who gotz a extry one?

    LOL!! TY ;-P

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    Yessir, yessir. Just what I've been needing. I wants to be a member of the AC.

  • DorseylandDorseyland Posts: 724
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    Yeah, can't afford the Platinum Club, can't join the Mile High Club due to fear of flying, DID join the Fight Club but got beat up for asking what the rules were ...

    THIS looks more like my speed -- thanks a lot, Vic!

    Anybody else thinking about that James Dean scene in "Giant"?

  • atticanneatticanne Posts: 2,940
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    lol That James Dean scene was the first thing I thought of.

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    mmm lots of oil wells in Texas!
    I can see why this prop caught your eye Anne!

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 27,935
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    I can never understand why it has to be an OIl Derreck, why can't it be an Oil-Tom, or an Oil-Harry. I think I may have for gotten another alternative name it could also be.

    Why is Derreck so special?

  • th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 17,016
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    you left Dick out!
    poor liile Dick :long:
    no little Dicks allowed on the forum maybe?

  • Alisa Uh-LisaAlisa Uh-Lisa Posts: 1,279
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    chohole said:
    I can never understand why it has to be an OIl Derreck, why can't it be an Oil-Tom, or an Oil-Harry. I think I may have for gotten another alternative name it could also be.

    Why is Derreck so special?

    Clearly you have never watched "Dancing with the Stars" or you wouldn't be asking such a question!!

    I have joined the club even though I don't qualify which I figured is why I do qualify.

    Thanks for the cool freebie!

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    Lord I needed this! You always make me smile with your outrageous descriptions and explanations. Thank you for the freebie and the giggle.

  • Faeryl WomynFaeryl Womyn Posts: 997
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    I wanna join, can I join...pretty please ?????

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    Best... readme... EVER!

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