Skymaster 28

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Here is a model of a SCF 28 Skymaster orbital freighter, that I found in a Sci Fi art book.
The first pic is the original line drawing from the book that I bought back in 1978.
The second is the completed hull with default materials in Hex.
Third is a test render.
It only took me a day to get this far, from scanning in the picture to UV mapping the hull.

I still need to make the interior and make the texture & bump mats.
When finished, I plan to put it up on my freebie page on sharecg.

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    Nice model.
    Your old book seems to have been inspiring, some special artwork produced around that time, with real paint n pencils :) is the name of the original artist mentioned ?
    I had noticed the pilots' view port in your model is quite different from the reference image, cut in rather than shaped around a curve, maybe lost a little subtlety in the shape of the craft.

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    I went with a larger view port, although I may change it later.
    Here is a quick render of one of the tex mats that will come with it.
    They wrap adverts around trucks & buses, why not freighters?

    In the spirit of April 1st.


    //Edit: better texture & lights.

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    :-) Why not ! :lol: The only thing that is bugging me is the lighting doesn't match the background.

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    Love that retro-future space look.
    Great job!

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    Ippotamus said:
    Love that retro-future space look.
    Great job!
    Totally agreed!
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    Here is a WIP.
    Used it in the background of this render.
    Need to fix the UV map & make the final texture mats.

    Scrap pile ship.

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    Nice piece of modeling Nitehawk, looks like you had fun making it :)

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    I took a few minutes to model my own. I added some chrome trim and classical colors to emulate something you might see on a 50's car.

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