bug in studio 4?

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there seems to be a bug in daz studio 4. the morphs wont work for Dreamer Wings, nor will they attach properly to a figure. They seem to work perfectly fine in DS3, but wont work at all in DS4.

Has anybody else found items that wont work in DS4?


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    I'll have a look to see if I can reproduce this.

    Hang in there.. back soon..

    BTW Happy Easter! ^_^

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    Right, took a look for you.

    I have tried several things.

    I have DS 4.5 Pro, and it looks like it works, although not perfectly on Genesis.

    But I'm able to pair and adjust it to fit.

    If you want to pair with Genesis, it will not work 100% but you could try this:

    Load Wings in a scene with Genesis, and it looks to load good, and in place.

    Do NOT fit to it, but 'parent' it with the chest., and it will work just fine, well it did for me anyway..

    If you need more info I can show you if you like, but here's just a simple thing I just did,

    Plain Genesis with dreamer Wings paired and altered pose.

    Have FUN!

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    They should not be Fit to or AutoFited in DS4 or DS4.5 but Parented as stated before. Then they will work as they did in DS3.

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