Exporting a skydome for UDK

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I've been messing with Bryce 7 pro for about a month. I like if very much. I want to use it for custom skies in the UDK. I am stuck, so I came here with a couple of questions.
I am having a hell of a time predicting what the export from the IBL tab is going to look like. Can someone explain the difference between the spherical and light probe export options. Also, does the file type influence the output?

Basically, if I position the sun at altitude 2 I would expect to see the sun at the edge of a circular 2048x2048 map of the sky, if I exported a spherical map. But thats not the case, the spherical map outputs a rectangular map.

If I output a ligh probe map, i seem to get the round image im looking for but he sun is much closer to the center of the circular map then it should if i want to project this map onto a semishere. And the edges of the circular portion and really stretched.

Thanks for any help and i continue to read and try new things.



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    Welcome to the DAZ forums Laskey. I also like Bryce. In fact, it's the first 3D software app I ever tried back in 2001/2002 with version 4.

    That said, we have a Bryce Discussion forum  --> http://www.daz3d.com/forums/categories/38/

    You might have more luck finding someone who frequents that forum more regularly than this one who would be able to answer your questions for you. :-)

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    I was thinking exactly the same thing. I am a long time Bryce user, but know very little about the things you are asking about, but there are people over in the Bryce forum who know a lot about it, including the two poeple who market this product in the store here


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    Thanks, I have posted this question in the bryce discussion forum.. thanks for the directions!

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    OK, I bought the pro spherical mapper thinking that it may be able to help me in my artistic endeavours. I have downloaded the DAZ3D install manager but when I click on it nothing happens. please help.

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    The DIM (Daz Install Manager) is only for content. All programs and plugins must be downloaded from your My Account>My Downloadable Products just as before Dim was released.

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