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Howie's Maze. Usage Tips? Read me?

head waxhead wax Posts: 4,164
edited March 2013 in Carrara Discussion

Greetings. Just installed Howie Farkes' "Maze."
Can anyone point me to the read me?
As I have a small sd drive for my C drive, I installed on another drive rather than my directory with my Carrara files.

I have added the Maze to my Scenes in the browser section.
I get one icon that says "Hedge Maze 1"

Anything else I need to do?

I also added the individual car sets that I found in the Data folder - not that it was necessary I think.


I need to r ender quite large (12inches by 24 inches at 300dpi) - but the scene renders too slowly even on the fast anti aliasing.

Any clues on this appreciated.? I have dropped the lights in the artificial GI down to 12 from 400 (?) approximately. Quality still not bad, but even with all lights deleted i t still takes a while to think about all the replicators.

Thanks for advice.


edit running it through now without bump and transparency - speeds it up a little

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  • Jay_NOLAJay_NOLA Posts: 1,145
    edited December 1969
  • head waxhead wax Posts: 4,164
    edited December 1969

    thanks Jay_Nola.

    I already have that link - unfortunately it tells me nothing - except where to find the scene.

  • GrimmvaldGrimmvald Posts: 11
    edited April 2013

    I made a post but it seems to have been lost.

    Anyways, one thing that might be worth trying is the enlargement software photographers use.

    Might be satisfactory Image Quality to do a smaller, high-quality render and then up-size it.

    The trial is free - and there's no watermark - or there wasn't when I did the trial.

    Hope this gives an alternative approach to getting the print size you need.

    I like most of the enlargements I get from cropped photos. I especially like the Progressive Sharpener that can be used after the enlargement.

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  • head waxhead wax Posts: 4,164
    edited December 1969

    thanks Grimvald, appreciate t hat! Will look into the software - looks good.

  • head waxhead wax Posts: 4,164
    edited December 1969

    any other hints appreciated

  • evilproducerevilproducer Posts: 8,493
    edited December 1969

    head wax said:
    any other hints appreciated

    If he uses translucency in his leaves, you could get rid of it.

  • head waxhead wax Posts: 4,164
    edited April 2013

    thanks evilproducer,

    that;s a great idea
    I'll check it out !

    could be alphamaps as well slowing things, haven't looked at the leaves to see how they are made,

    I buy stuff to support carrara vendors but

    some of it never gets used because on the render times....

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  • evilproducerevilproducer Posts: 8,493
    edited December 1969

    from what little I've seen of Howie's stuff, I'd suspect he uses leaf shapes (at least I hope he does), but alpha maps are an excellent idea as well!

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