where can I find the girl 4 body, and morphs?

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I am looking through the DAZ store, and am trying to find the Girl 4 body and morphs. I know that she is not the newest generation of figures, but I cannot afford to upgrade to all of the generation 5 characters.


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    The Pro Bundle is here. It has links to the other products in the "What's Included" tab. The bundle isn't part of the Women of DAZ MM category for some reason, unfortunately, but the base is.

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    The Girl 4 is a morph of V4, as are A4 and Steph 4, so you only need the base http://www.daz3d.com/the-girl-4-base to get her to work.

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    If you need to find pre-Genesis content, the only way is to choose a proper figure from the filters, there is no separate category for them.

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    The Generation 4 Legacy Shapes for Genesis 2 Female and Generation 4 Legacy Shapes for Genesis 2 Male would cost the same as The Girl 4 Base (unless you're a PC member) and would give V4, A4, S4, G4, M4, H4, and F4 shapes. You would need Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 Female and Michael 4 for Genesis 2 Male to use textures and Auto-Fit clothing for generation 4 figures though.

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