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In Hexagon it looks good but when it gets to daz it looks like this

Image removed for nudity. Please see this thread for info:

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    Can you review the steps you took which led to the error? What figure, how was it sent to Hexagon, what you did with it in Hexagon, etc.?

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    I sent gennesis from daz to Hexagon. I made a tube to surround her. Validated. Then used the tools to conform the tube to her body. Validated went to uv and projection and placed the tube projection on the shirt. Validated. Then paint and validated. It was a good looking texture. Sent back to daz and had ears and boods all over the shirt all in the wrong places of the body and the shirt was deformed. None of the texture was to be seen.

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    Coz the image has been removed I cannot see what has gone wrong. There are a few free tutorials on the net but up as yet I have not come across one which covers everything we need to know. The best one(s) I have seen are by Fugazi1968, they are on sale here -

    I've watched both and got what I made to fit okay, still have loads to learn though.

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    I think I figuered it out. You cant modify a modle and send it to Hexagon It doesn'r know how to save the changes made pryor to sending it.
    BUT! It still will not send the textures to daz.
    This is so ticking me off.

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    I didn't see the picture either.

    Here's my 2 cents worth:

    I model with Hexagon.
    Import the clothing to D/S and load on the default textures which were created in an image editor.
    Then create the clothing file.
    Then save the clothing file.

    Hexagon and D/S have an interesting method of communication when it comes to textures.
    Uvmap in Hexagon.
    Make sure every Shading Domain has its very own name AND very own material.
    Later in D/S one can give an .obj "all the same colour" and keep multiple Shading Domains.
    If the Shading Domains have the same material in Hexagon, D/S will want to make "them all one".

    For a deformed mesh ... sounds like it was not tessellated enough to hold its shape. Easy to check in Hexagon by applying "smoothing", level one or two. I usually use 2. And when finished modeling, collapse the geometry so it will hold its shape in the other programs.

    In Hexagon, delete out any "clothing dummies" [aka V4, Genesis, M4] before exporting out the clothing .obj.

    I know some use the bridge for making clothing; I only use the bridge for making morphs.
    And when I do use the bridge, I set it for "no" on the collecting images part. D/S doesn't send images to Hexagon, and Hexagon doesn't have to send them back. The few times I did let it collect and send/receive images, it was horrible.

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