How can we get texture templates for dsf files?

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I want to be able to get texture templates for several Genesis items that were released with no link to a template.

Then I find that there is no underlying obj file but these dsf files only. All of the methods that I have for making templates require obj files or something that can be converted to an obj file.

If I can't create my own textures, items are useless to me.

So how can we extract templates from dsf files?

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  • adamr001adamr001 Posts: 22
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    Can't you just export them to an obj?

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    Must be all the rain we're getting this wonderful English summer has faded my brain.:red:

    It's obvious now you've said it but my mind was not in gear.

  • adamr001adamr001 Posts: 22
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    Never know, you could've been having difficulty with that or something. I was just fishing for more info. Glad it put you on the right track.

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    ....or this? also IIRC mCasual has made a script.

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    Now I'm studying about UV maps and change texture by templates,

    So , I want to know best answer of Baglet question.

    as Oom Fooyat say,(thanks much! I did not touch the UV view before,,)

    I can see UV map by UV view on daz studio 4. so Can I save the UV template image ?

    Is there option to save UV template image on daz stuido 4?

    It is pity that m casual sciript (I installed some scripts , thanks m casual ) for UV templates seems not
    to be used on daz studio 4. (ds3 only ?)

    Then I just export "shat for genesis" by hexagon bridge. (adams say export as obj, it may remain UV map ).
    On hexagon , by UV view, I can save the UV image (I feel it is easy,, there is camera icon on UV view in hexagon) .

    now my another question ,, (if It is ok to ask on this topic)

    some parts of clothing is small, so If I enlarge the parts on UV maps ,(It may chage UV map) by hexagon,

    Can I use the UV map (I changed) on daz studio 4?
    I want to know how to change UV map,, on daz studio 4,,
    (where is it saved on many daz files of the products?)

    should I need to rig and weight map, new figure from . obj?

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