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Some bug with saving scene files- perhaps transfer tool or Goz related

Here's how you reproduce this bug ( requires Zbrush):

Load Genesis. Export the figure as an object file GenExport.obj. Start a new scene and import GenExport.obj.
Load Genesis into the scene. Use the transfer utility (edit>object>transfer utility) and transfer the Genesis rig to the GenExport.obj making it a figure. You can then remove Genesis from the scene leaving only the GenExport figure. Save the scene as a duf file called test1.duf. Clear the scene and Load test1.duf The figure should look and move normaly.

Send the figure to Zbrush ( file > send to zbrush). I'm using Zbrush 4R4, and I don't know if that matters. Make a simple morph by moving some parts of the figure in Zbrush. Use Goz to send it back to Daz Studio Call the morph test or whatever and just leave it in the Zbrush group. Save the scene as test2.duf. Clear the scene and load test2.duf.

I get this :

I'm attaching the photo, but it doesn't show up in the preview. If it doesn't, I'll edit the post or make a reply with a hyperlink to the picture.

My question is why are cubes replacing my geometry?

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    I've done some more test and this seems to be Goz related. I don't think goz is properly setting up the Zbrush morph group and its corrupting the scene duf file. You can see from the picture some parts of the file is good - the sizes of the cubes are right, it just can't find the geometry.

    This is what I tried this time. Its a workaround. I have the figure created with the transfer utility and send it to zbrush. I create the morph and send it back to Daz with Goz.

    2: I apply the morph fully and export the figure as an object at base resolution.

    I then reload a new scene with the figure created with transfer utility. I use morph loader to import the morph that I exported as an object in step 2.

    I then save this as a scene.duf file. Reloading this scene file works as expected.

    There is something wrong with the way Goz is setting up the morph group. Morph loader is doing it correctly, Goz is not.

    All that aside, there needs to be a save system option where EVERYTHING is gathered and included in the file. You save a scene file as a safe guard in case something goes wrong in saving some asset. Well as I found here, the duf file is extremely weak in that regard. I lost work because of this. Daz need to work on a fail safe save where work CANT be lost. Its pretty weak when you can't be confident in your save file. Thats a pretty big snag.

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    Oh, and the reason I think it shoes itself on file transfer figures is those objects have no morph groups already existing. So when Goz tries to form the first group it does it wrong. If there are already morph groups on the figure, it doesn't corrupt the file.

    The developers need to look how goz is setting up that first group.

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    Well, I don't get it but something is definitely broken.

    I started with a clean install. I reinstalled Daz Studio, Zbrush and Daz Goz.

    I would greatly appreciate if someone could reproduce this bug so I can make sure its not a problem on my system. You will need Zbrush to reproduce it and it would help if you know how to create a figure from an object by using the transfer utility. If you can, I would really appreciate if you could do a short test to verify this is a bug and not something on my system.

    1: Load Genesis into an empty scene. Click on Genesis in the scene tab. Under the General category, click mesh resolution and set resolution level to base and subdivision level to 0;

    2:Export Genesis (lets call it GenExport.obj) as an object at 100% scale and the following checked ( Ignore invisible nodes, write UV coordinates, write normals, write object statements, write groups, use existing groups, write surfaces, write material library, no maps.)

    3: Create a new empty Scene. Load Genesis. Import GenExport.obj at scale 100%, making sure at least " read groups" is checked and the options to invert und x y and z are NOT checked.

    4: In the scene tab, select GenExport.obj. From the edit menu, select object > transfer utility. Under "source: scene item:" select Genesis. Under "Target: Scene item:" select GenExport. Click on the "Show Options" button and deselect "Fit to source figure." Press "Accept."

    5: Select Genesis in the scene tab, right click and "remove from scene."

    6: Select GenExport and pose it to verify its now a figure. Save the scene as GenExport.duf. From the file menu, select "New."
    When the scene is empty, load GenExport.duf to verify the file is not corrupted.

    7. From the file menu select "send to zbrush." In zbrush, after drawing the object tool, in edit mode, create a simple morph.

    8. In zbrush select Goz to sen the morph back to Daz. Call it "Bump" when prompted for a name. Save this scene as "BumpGoz.duf"
    Don't clear the scene just yet. Turn the Bump morph to 100% and export the figure as an object with the same settings indicated in step 2, calling it Bump.obj.

    9. Load the BumpGoz.duf file. You should see the same mess as I posted earlier in a picture. Now load GenExport.duf. That is the uncorrupted file from earlier. Under the edit menu select object>Morph loader pro.. Make sure its set to Daz Studio 1 unit =1 cm, and choose morph files "Bump.obj" Choose accept.

    10: Save this as BumpMLP.duf Clear rthe scen and reload BumpMLP.duf and verify it is not corrupted.

    If your test duplicates my results, there's a bug somewhere. I've about gone blind comparing the two duf files ( unzipping them into ascii format) and I can find where it corrupting. Morph loader pro calls the morph "morph" while zbrush refers to them as "deltas." Changing the wording has no affect on fixing the file. I see no obvious errors in key areas, but I guess I'll have to find a file compare program.

    I would feel more enthused about finding the bug if someone other than me could reproduce it.


  • vladimirvararuvladimirvararu Posts: 2
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    I have the same bug. I found a solution some month ago but i can't remember it. If I'll remember I will post it here

  • natasevolnatasevol Posts: 37
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    same, bug for me with genesis 2...

    ps: wondered how one can start a post as a prolific writer and and just disappear for the eternity....and the solution?

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    I've just experienced the same thing.

    To reproduce :

    - Load the Genesis char.
    - Save as scene
    - Close everything
    - Load scene

    >> Getting nothing but cubes in the loaded scene ...

    I Just encountered it 5 mins ago so I haven't tested a lot to fix it ... might be a stupid setting as I'm fairly new to the program.

    Will update this post if I manage to fix it.

    Any help to fix it is appreciated.


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 32,480
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    saintbe said:
    I've just experienced the same thing.

    To reproduce :

    - Load the Genesis char.
    - Save as scene
    - Close everything
    - Load scene

    >> Getting nothing but cubes in the loaded scene ...

    I Just encountered it 5 mins ago so I haven't tested a lot to fix it ... might be a stupid setting as I'm fairly new to the program.

    Will update this post if I manage to fix it.

    Any help to fix it is appreciated.


    What folders do you have selected as DAZ Studio Content Directories?

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    Same isue here and very annoying, all work lost, default directories: "C:\Program Files (x86)\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4" , "C:\Users\Public\Documents\My DAZ 3D Library"

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    FYI : For me the issue was indeed with the DAZ Studio Content Directories as was suggested in a previous post.

    I had several versions installed of DAZ studio so in order to fix it I added additional directories to the Content Directories configuration and everything was fine after that.

    Hope it helps.


  • BejaymacBejaymac Posts: 1,172
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    Going back to the OP, the reason your getting blocks is because your morph didn't save properly, the channel will be present in the DUF, but there isn't any deltas, so one bad reference and DS shows you blocks.

    The big problem for me is why are you saving as a scene, the OBJ you used the Transfer Utility on should have been saved using "Figure/Prop Asset", it's that DUF you then load and send to zbrush, and then once you get your morph back from zbrush you set up it's parameters so it looks and appears where you want it to, you then use "Morph Asset" to save it, making sure that only your morph(s) is selected in the list, then you can clear the scene and reload your DUF and your morph will be there.

    However if your going to make morphs for Genesis, then I'd recommend actually using Genesis from the start, that way your morph assets have the right reference coding from the start, otherwise you will have a lot of editing to do before they will work with Genesis, which makes it far to easy to corrupt something.

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  • LyoneLyone Posts: 115
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    I have the same issue. The problem is I made some figures with Genesis 2 Female and when I imported one of them in Zbrush and reimported (directly from Zbrush to DAZ studio), I saved it as a figure asset and a morph asset. This crashed ALL the Genesis 2 Female characters I made. I have now cube instead of correct geometry in all the characters I created, not the on I imported in Zbrush. I hope and would really like to be able to load my characters again. Someone who knows how to do? I see the cubes and I see the name of Genesis2F but no Surfaces and when I render it's only the clothes which render. No character! Very annoying, especially when you made hours to create characters and they just crash "LIKE THAT!".

    Best regards.

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    I got this kind of problem too, but i dont know where does it comes from.

    1- I try GoZ with Genesis 1 and it's OK
    2- I try Goz with cloths with Metadata installer, like leggings and sport, and its Ok
    3- I tried with "hitman" clothes and I got this MESS.

    what may be the problem.

    can someone help?

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