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Not able to download bought items

edited December 1969 in The Commons

Okay, I decided to, fighting better judgement, order a few products since I had a coupon and NEEDED a few items. Bought and paid for and WALLA! I get this:

Link is not available.

Download is currently unavailable
Sorry, this download is currently unavailable.
Please go to your Account and check your Order Status.

It is not only on the new items I ordered but on the older items also. After all the problems I am considering canceling my PC membership and jumping ship. I need a place that when I NEED the product for an item I am working on, that is ON A DEADLINE, that I can get it.


  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,918
    edited June 2012

    Sometimes going to your account history and resetting the items works

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  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 16,359
    edited December 1969

    Account login and downlods were offline for about half an hour around then -- are the downloads available now?

  • WoolyloachWoolyloach Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    I still show "pending" for the FREE DS 4.5 RC2, since yesterday at this time, put in a trouble ticket and no response. it even tells me it can't reset it, how lovely!

    Seriously lame way to run a business, Daz.

    At least i know it's not just me.. sigh.

  • DAZ_bfurnerDAZ_bfurner Posts: 63
    edited December 1969

    The way to fix the download issue it to login to your account > Go to My Account > Order History > Click the "Reset Link" This will be next to your order number.

    If you continue to have an issue contact support.

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