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DS 4.5 crashes when rendering an mov and pngs aren’t working
Posted: 11 June 2012 08:37 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I moved my animation to DS 4.5, so I can’t go back to 4 and now I’ve discovered that 4.5 won’t render an mov. It crashes every time with the message: “Error saving the file: [path and name of my file] The render could not be saved. Try again or choose a new file name.”  I’ve tried many times with different simple file names. One work around for me would be to render a series of pngs because I need an alpha channel. Although the pngs do render, but they are flattened onto the background. Is there some way to tell DS 4.5 to drop out the background?

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PNG should give you an alpha channel - however, that will mask only areas with no geometry. You can’t separate “background” objects from the figures.


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I’ve found PNG to be a PITA and even when it has an alpha channel it’s harder to work with, at least with Photoshop. If the render has an actual background image, the PNG loses it.

I use TIF instead. It retains the background image if there is one and has a perfect alpha channel.


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The only way I have been able to reproduce this is when I do not have permission to write a file to the folder chosen.  Try choosing a different folder that you know you can save to.