Who all is still here?

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I finally was able to post again, looking for some old stuff I guess it's gone. Who all is still here and are our galleries still here, I seem to not be able to find mine.



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    No galleries at the moment. Most of the old forums are stored here:

    Old Forums

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    The forumarchive addy doesn't include a www.


    It's a bit harder to share links, now that browsers don't show the http:// and www. Memory and looking aren't enough, you have to copy from the browser, sigh.

    We're locked out of Members Only, though, until they work on the old forum (lowest priority).

    You can tediously view one image at a time. Change:

    You can paste a bunch of those into a doc and use search & replace, but it's extremely non-ideal.

    They should get the forum archive fixed within our lifetimes...

    You can use your old email links, bookmarks, and all of google search results, if you use Firefox
    If you don’t use Firefox, you should be able run it at the same time as your default browser, by telling Firefox not to check if it’s default.

    If Firefox isn’t default, though, you’d have to paste the email link, instead of clicking.

    The archive's search isn't working.
    But Google search works pretty well, if you don’t use site search.
    (Because Google’s search results are catagorized under 4 different domain names)..

    I google “Daz [search term] -torrent”

    Surpisingly good ratio of relevant hits, to the inevitable trash.

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    For the time being you need to manually copy the image link and put forumarchive.daz3d.com in front of it. They will eventually enable us to login again so we can see images, see the forums that not everyone can see (e.g. Members Only), and search, but obviously that won't be until after they've gotten the new store and forums up to snuff.

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    Welcome back Mike

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