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Uber Area Lights... invisible in renderyet still emit light?

wancowwancow Posts: 2,708
edited December 1969 in Daz Studio Discussion

Is that possible to do? Make the Area Light invisible in the render yet still have it's light emitted?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 32,619
    edited December 1969

    Works for me, either with the Visible property or by setting the surface's opacity colour to black.

  • edited December 1969

    Also in the surface parameters for the area light, if you turn on Fantom it will be visible in the scene but not the render.

  • dyretdyret Posts: 130
    edited December 1969

    just turn opacity to 0

  • SzarkSzark Posts: 9,989
    edited December 1969

    bluemoon said:
    Also in the surface parameters for the area light, if you turn on Fantom it will be visible in the scene but not the render.
    And the student become the it. ;) Yep the old Fathom command, exactly. No need to mess about with other stuff. :)
  • evilded777evilded777 Posts: 1,799
    edited May 2013

    I've been working a lot with area lights, and struggling with this exact issue. Well, not exactly. I got the object to be invisible, but then realized it was showing up in reflections.

    Some things I have found

    1. setting visible in render to off disables the light
    2. Setting visible to off disables the light
    3. Setting Ambient on significantly increases increases reflectivity of the object
    4. Turning Fantom ON hides the object but does not hide its reflection
    5. Turning Raytrace off hides the reflection (in an earlier test I somehow though it also disabled the light, but this result was not repeated)
    6. Turning Fantom On and Raytrace Off completely hides the object and does not seem to affect the quality nor quantity of the light cast (though an earlier test seemed to suggest it did)
    7. Setting Opacity color to black effectively hides the object and its reflections
    8. Option 6 renders faster
    9. Turning Raytrace off seems to affect the quantity of light generated when rendered with an indirect light camera set to Illuminance Sample Mode but not with UE2 set to GI Bounce, or an indirect light camera set to Light Source Sample Mode (point 9 is in question, requires more testing. It seems possible that 2D VS 3D area lights react differently under these circumstances)

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