how to get generation x to load morphs besides facial

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When using generation X I load my M4 figure, however all I see are the head morphs. I try to move other morphs into the transfer area manually, but they don't show up. Say I want to enlarge a character's right bicep, how do I do this?


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    Interesting development. I was able to get tricep morphs to show up in the preset area of the gen x menu. I then clicked translate and nothing happened to the figure at all. However a dsf file was created in my DAZ studio folder. What the hooey?

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    Perhaps it matters what my preset folder is?

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    I set the preset folder to the poses folder for genesis. Then I loaded a tricep morph by hitting translate in the presets area. Now I can find a "tricep" icon in my the poses area under genesis in the content library. This tricep model, when dropped onto my genesis figure forces the figure to morph fully into an m4 model and does precisely NOTHING else. Useful...

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    tut/manuel for download for using genx

    this may help

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    Really didn't, but I figured things out anyway. Thanks for the effort.

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