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[Links] Free Anime Fanart stuff

Princessdawn982Princessdawn982 Posts: 5
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I wanted to make a list of free Anime fan art stuff. I am a huge 3D Anime fan artist. I'll put links of anything that I have found and used. And if anyone has links that are not listed feel free to post them!

assorted titles

Bubblegum Crisis 2040 hardsuits for Genesis,
Neon Genesis Evangelion movie plugsuits for V4A4G4,
Saint Seiya cloths for Genesis,
Fate/Stay Night Saber outfit for Genesis,
and Vocaloid Hatsune Miku outfit for Kururu

Flying V guitar (sort of, so use it as a background element only) as seen in Legend of Black Heaven, K-on!, and other shows - search for “V-lele”

Japan Maritime Self Defense Force uniform for Kururu, as seen in almost every anime about the modern Japanese military


school uniform for A3

school uniform for V4 and Kururu and


various persocom ears for A3


school uniform for Kururu

Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine’s outfit for A3, AD/MD, Evelinne, F202 Dollie, The Girl (original), Laura, SP3, TY2, Vixie, V3, and V4

Da Capo 2

school uniform for Chibibel

Otome Asakura hair and outfit for Kururu

Yume Asakura hair and outfit for Kururu

Death Note

L morph for H3

Dirty Pair

Lovely Angels uniforms for A3 and V4 - search for “Sexy Uniform Set” (two downloads, not together)

Fate/Stay Night

Saber Suit for Kururu

Saber Hair for A3, ChibiBel, Kururu, and Sera

Ghost in the Shell

Motoko Kusanagi hair for A3 AND

Gunnm (a.k.a. “Battle Angel” or “Battle Angel Alita”)

Gally (a.k.a. Alita) hair for A3 AND


Yui’s guitar (okay, a vintage version, but it hasn’t really changed in five decades)

Macross II

Ishtar outfit for V3, A3, and SP3

Mugen Senshi Valis

Yuuko Valis outfit for A3

Pla-Wrestler Sanshiro

Sakurahime outfit for Kururu

Sailor Moon

Freepozitory thread “Moonie Madness is Back”

uniforms and shoes for A3

Senshi morphs for V4A4,
Kunzite morph for M4H4,
uniform for Britta,
Moon, Chibi-Moon, Mars, and Pluto hairdos for V4A4G4,
and Moon and Chibi-Moon hairdos for A3 and Britta

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (a.k.a. “Battle of the Planets”)

uniform for A3 (third row)

Spice and Wolf

Holo/Horo Hair for Kururu


Yayoi Fujisawa hairdo for V4 and Genesis - search for “LDFujiHair”
(Trivia: This was the first free hairdo for Genesis. It shows up a lot in Freebie Challenge renders…)

Strike Witches or pretty much any other “mecha musume” title

Plane Legs for Aiko 3


Sayaka Shirakawa outfit for A3


Miku wear for Kururu; Miku wear for Near Me; Rin wear for Near Me - search for each of those three phrases


wrist-mounted duel-deck holder for A3

CardCaptor Sakura

her most characteristic outfit which also includes Kero

V4 Morphs for The Magical Dress Platinum

Ouran High School Host Club


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