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Hi, I am new to Daz, actually I am new to 3-d period. But I am having a very difficult time downloading Daz 4.5 studio. I foolishly and mistakenly downloaded the Genesis stuff thinking it was the 4.5 Studio. After a few hours of trying to bring up 4.5 I realized my mistake and then "ordered" DS4.5. However the download Manager simply refuses to put it in my Ready to Download. So I reordered and tried again, no luck. So I am wondering should I uninstall everything and try again from scratch? My download log files contains errors and I am not seeing successfully installed in the log. Also the installed to path in the log file does not exist on my computer but I was able to find where the installer actually put the files. I've heard great things about DS 4.5 but I think the install manager needs a little work.

TIA to any that take the time to offer a little advice.

PS I am currently doing a manual download of 4.5 as per the suggestion in another thread but it appears there will be lots of pieces to download :(


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    The DIM (Daz Install Manager) Only Installs 3D content. It does not Download or install Programs or Program Plugins. For them you go to My Account>My Downloadable Products and Download them the old fashioned way.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thank you, I did download the old way, but at least now I understand why I had too, thought maybe I had a bad download manager. Thanks again.

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    A lot of the "pieces to download" you mentioned are either optional or may not apply to everyone. The only critical ones are the installer for DAZ Studio 4.5 itself, and the Genesis Starter Essentials.

    Here's a guide to downloading and installing DAZ Studio that may come in handy:

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