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I'm a Mac using Poser user with no previous interest in using Daz Studio and downloading the products used to be easy...

If it had 'dpc' in the name, it was a Poser file installer
If it had 'trx' in the name it was a Texture installer
If it had 'ds' in the name it was a Daz Studio content installer
(I'm obviously downloading the 'Mac' files and not the 'PC' files by the way)

I would download the 'dpc' and the 'trx' files but leave the 'ds' files alone to save bandwidth and storage space.

But now with the DSON plug-in, I'm opening my mind to using the Genesis figure and add-ons. This unfortunately, has increased the number of files in the download list...

We have 'DSON-Core', 'Poser CF', 'DS-Core', 'Poser Companion Files' and 'Legacy' files added to the list.

Again, I have no intention on using Daz Studio (unless absolutely necessary) and using Poser and the DSON importer for Genesis goodness.

But what files do I NEED to download?

The 'Poser' files are an obvious download along with the 'DSON-Core' files (I think) but do I need to also download the 'DS-Core' files as well or are the Poser specific files covered in the 'DSON-Core' files instead? And what does a 'Legacy' file install?

And am I correct in thinking that if a product page doesn't state 'DSON Importer for Poser' in the 'Software Compatibility' section that it can't be used in Poser or can you use older Genesis products that were released before the 'DSON Importer' was released?

Thanks in advance. :)


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    Legacy is for DS4 (not 4.5) - forget them for Poser.
    As for the rest of the names, sorry - I am using both softwares so I am always downloading everything but Legacy.

    If you want to use older, not DSONed content in Poser:

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    You need two files:
    DSON Core: these are the actual items
    PoserCF: these are companion files to make them work in Poser

    If you use the DAZ 3D Install Manager, just select "Poser 9" and "DSON Importer for Poser" in the download filters and you'll get just the files you need.

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    Thanks for the replies. :)

    So, 'PoserCF' and 'DSON core' files are needed. Thanks. :) I've just twigged that 'PoserCF' probably means 'Poser Content Files'. :red:

    What about the 'trx' files - are they just for Daz Studio or are they texture files for Poser as well? (I can get rid of a lot of unnecessary files if it's just Daz Sudio textures)

    I also didn't mention the files with 'Meta Data' in the title. I know these are so Daz Studio can use the Smart Content panel but Poser has something similar (or at least the Library Manager 2.5 from RuntimeDNA does) so would the MetaData installers be of use to Poser?

    Thanks again.

    PS - I'm using Poser Pro 2012 (with service patch 3) and RuntimeDNA's Library Manager 2.5 (although Poser Pro 2012's library is a lot more responsive compared to 2010's).

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    PoserCF is Poser Companion File, and 'trx' is not a texture, it means it is a triax wieght mapped figure, like Genesis and all of it's morphs. TRX was used a lot in the beginning, but is not used now I think. DSON has taken over.

    DAZ 3D Metadata files are only of use inside DS, and it uses the Valentina database, so no use anywhere else.

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    Ah that's excellent - thanks!!! :D

    I can now cull my entire collection of downloaded installers of 'Metadata', 'Legacy' and 'Trx' files.

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