Can you render clothing with parts of the model 'cut out'?

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Hello all,

This might be a bit hard to explain, so I will do my best.

What I want to do, ultimately, is make a sort of paper-doll for 2D purposes, with a base model as the foundation, and then a variety of clothing options that can be layered on top. The problem I have though is if I try to render just clothing with the model's opacity set to zero (so you only see the clothing), you can see parts of the clothing that otherwise 'shouldn't' be visible.

Is there a way to make it so that I can remove the model from the render, as if it had zero opacity, but still have it block parts of the clothing that should remain blocked from view?

I know the PWGhost effect thing, or XRay effect thing can do something somewhat similar... but I am looking to *completely* have the model invisible.

Any help would be great! Thanks!


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    You could probably create a few custom textures for the model itself that simply have those portions you wish to be 'cut out' set as transparent in the texture. For instance maybe make a copy of the existing skin texture and then edit it in an image editor in a format that supports transparency (such as .tga or .png) and in the image editor 'cut out' those sections of the texture that correspond to the areas you wish to have transparent (cut out). I'm not sure how that would affect shadows that might normally play over the skin though in those areas, since the mesh geometry that they would be cast on is still present to 'receive' the shadows even if there is no texture visible on those portions of the mesh with the modified skin textures applied. Might be worth trying though. Hope it works! Good Luck!

    EDIT: OOPS!! Sorry, scratch that, I misunderstood what you were trying to do (I should probably have gone to bed several hours ago, but instead here I am, lol), I think there's a way to render the whole scene with a transparent background though, then you could edit the render in an image editor and cut out/black out the offending areas manually, not a very simple solution I know but still might help get you to the desired results.

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    Here's another thought that actually might work, though it still involves a little manual image editing after rendering. Create a transparent texture for the clothing items, then render the scene twice, once with the normal textures applied, the second time with the transparent textures applied, then you can take the one with the transparent textures applied and use it as a layer mask in an image editor like Photoshop to effectively cut out the body of the model from the render with the correct textures applied to it. That should also cut out any areas that the model's body had been covering over that you were having problems with showing when you simply hid the model itself.

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    Or you could take a page from Hollywood and use a green(or sometimes blue) screen technique. In the surfaces tab, remove all textures from the figure; and set the diffuse colour to green (0,255,0) or blue (0,0,255). In your paint program; do a colour select; and select the figure until the parts you want to erase are selected and erase. That will leave all the parts not covered by the figure visible and let your figure be visible "underneath" the clothing.

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    These are some good ideas. I will give them a shot, and hopefully they will work. Thank you a bunch! :-)

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    Try a surface mask creator approach ( It's like Hollywood recommendation.

    SFC doesn't work in complete way in ds4 or ds4.5, but you can do something with it. If you don't want buy it, create a very plane white material and very plane black material, maybe a toon material without lights in the scene. Alternate white in clothes and black in figure to make your own mask, so you avoid possible tolerance problems with colour selection.

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    It is shader mixer simple shader. I set a opacity option in case of clothes with transparency. Simply change color to white or black in surface root brick.

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