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Is there a way to have the tetrahedron's central axis point actually be in its center. When I create the object, then rotate it, it rotates asymmetrically. Regardless of setting it to 'Center' or 'Basis' or making other changes.


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    The pivot point is located at the centre of the surrounding box, which in the case of the tetrahedron is off-centre of the mesh.

    You can set the pivot point to anywhere you want it to be, as long as it is a vert, by right-clicking and selecting "Set pivot point". So you would need to either cut in some edges to get a vert located at the centre, or you can make a facet, place it so that one of the verts is at the centre-point and set the pivot point to that.

    Bit of a nuisance, but not that difficult to do:)

    Be aware, though, that when you take the mesh into a rendering app, it will not respect the re-set pivot point and will set it to the centre of the bounding box. So, changing a pivot point is only useful during the modeling process and won't be of any use further down the line in the animation process.

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    Thanks Roygee! It didn't make sense to me until you explained it that way.

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    Oh what fun, so where is the centre of a tetrahedron ?

    Roy, no, don't even go there :)

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    Hi ragaray,

    You can create the Tetrahedron from its center (see right hand side options), so you can snap to a vertex when creating.
    Once created, use the "set pivot point" and snap the pivot back to creation center.

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