Bryce lightning - I don't have it

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I downloaded the free Bryce 7 PLE and Daz Studio and have been having great fun.
I'd like to take advantage of the network rendering with lightning, but I don't see it in my downloads.
Do I need to buy the full version to get lightning? If so, it's surely worth the money!


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    Yeah, you should have "purchased" the B7 pro version through the store while it was still a free offer, to get not only a serial number which unlocks the Pro features which are disabled in the PLE edition. but also Bryce lightning and a massive bonus content bundle.

    Now you still need the pro version (it is the serial number which unlocks the pro features, so no need to reinstall) but it is no longer free.

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    Well... I actually bought Bryce 7 Pro when it first came out, and have to say it´s absolutely worth the money DAZ now wants for it. And it´s not even the price of a night out on the town. :)

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    Lightning is not included in the Personal Learning Edition (PLE). Bryce 7.1 Pro was free for about 2 years, now it sells at $19.95, which can be considered free as well.

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    Yeah, no problem there - the price is a steal!
    Thanks for the feedback :-)

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