IBL Specularity and Inside

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Hi Everyone, just wanted to introduce myself, I have owned bryce for many years beginning with version 5, and have tried on and off
to learn the program with little success, now I own bryce 7 pro and this time am determined to do some great artwork with it.
Thanks to everyone on this forum, especially David Brinnen and Horo for their expertise and knowlwdge of bryce.
I have been reading all the posts, and have picked up many tips and knowledge just by reading. I have purchased the mentoring DVD
and have a question for Horo.
In the IBL Specularity and Inside Lesson on the dvd, Horo you mentioned something about a small transparent sphere, that you wrapped
the HDRI around, to produce a texture on the walls. How do I go about to achieve this, I can't figure this out.


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