Possible work-around for Bryce on Mac Lion

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I know you are all tired of the complaints but I have a possible solution.

I run Windows 7 in Parallels since I am sysadmin for my company and have to. But, I can see my entire Mac hard drive including all the apps and files. I can also trigger those apps while in Windows by using a "open with" type of command.

What file in the setup of Bryce 7 on windows, points to the local install of Studio?
Shouldn't it be possible to point it at the Mac version of Studio and let the two of them "talk". Perhaps this has been tried and failed but seems to me it should work.

My Library even lives on a NAS drive and both my Mac and PC versions of Studio as well as PC Bryce access it for content.

Just a thought.


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    Sorry I can't answer your question because I know next to nothing about Windows.

    What I can add though is that if someone is already running Windows on Parallels, they can either simply get the Windows version of Bryce or even set up a virtual machine with Leopard installed and run the Mac version through parallels.

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    I have that and do work under my windows installs, but being a Mac fan boy, I'd rather have as little windows running as possible.

    On the Mac side, there is a preference plist that used to point the way to the Bryce install and vice versa to Studio... back when it worked.

    Windows uses .ini files and I will start searching but I am hoping someone knew... maybe someone from Daz who might be monitoring this..... hint hint hint

    Good thought on the virtual version of Mac, but WAY harder than it sounds. While I have gotten a virtual Mac OS to run... it is rather flaky and crashed often.

    The deal is run OS X as the host and build windows


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    The pointers you are looking for are set as environment variables ( this is common to all Unix OS's ). You may find similar settings in Windows.

    ( partial output from env command , DS3 installed on this machine):

    DAZSTUDIO_3=/Applications/DAZ 3D/DAZStudio3
    DAZBRYCE_7=/Applications/DAZ 3D/Bryce7
    DAZSTUDIO=/Users/graham/Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio3/content

    These are used by Bryce and D|S to locate runtime libraries and content, and to locate the application for the Send To... command.

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