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10:58 am Cook: We figured since we are charging as much as if they were made of gold and platinum we might as well go a head
and make them out of it!
10:57 am Cook: That is correct it's all pure gold in the 12 core models and pure platinum for the 16 core
10:56 am Everything is gold or gold plated and or platinum!
10:56 am Showing the box same as old one! Opens box
10:55 am Now lets take a look inside the new MAC PRO
10:54 am Sharing is built in system wide.
10:53 am Easier than ever to share within OSX apps, can tweet from Safari.
10:53 am Next is Sharing.
10:53 am Built into OSX, so it works everywhere. "You can talk into Facebook if you want."
10:53 am Everywhere on your Mac where you can type, you can talk.
10:53 am Dictation is coming to the Mac.
10:52 am Notification Center has a switch to turn off notifications, and if you connect to a projector it gets disabled automatically.
10:52 am Looks a lot like Growl.
10:51 am Showing how all the apps have different notifications currently in OSX, everything now is replaced with iOS-style banners and alerts.
10:51 am Notification Center.
10:51 am Pages works the same, showing how everything also shows up on your phone. Changes are updated in real-time. Replaced a photo on the iPhone, and the Mac version updated a few seconds later.


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    What is WWDC? I do not know much about macs, though I have an iPhone.

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    What is WWDC? I do not know much about macs, though I have an iPhone.

    Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Fransisco!

    Its is were APPLE announces all it new stuff! as I get it theres no new iphone yet BUT some big moved for the i-pad and mac ios6

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