hey sky, stay still

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Could someone please tell me how to stop all sky/sun motion during an animation? Thanks


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    Go into the SkyLab and make sure Link Sun To View is not activated. Cloud motion can also be controlled in the SkyLab.

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    Er... I don't think that will help Horo. Your advice is for scene or camera orientation, not animation. If godtar tried to change the parameters indicated, he'd probably end up creating another keyframe.

    godtar: You've either intentionally or accidentally created keyframes for cloud and sun movement. The difference between Horo's picture above and your view will be you have a solid blue line where the timeline is: that means you have keyframes somewhere on the timeline.

    To delete Skylab keyframes:

    0. Enter the Skylab.
    1. Shuttle the scrub tool back to the beginning of your animation; t=0.
    2. Look at the Key icon in the transport control. If this is gold, click the '-' button.
    3. Press the |> key to skip to the next keyframe.
    4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you're at the end of your animation duration.

    There are other ways to delete keyframes. Check out this short tutorial:


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    Thanks Oro.

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