A little Shader help?

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I'm looking to make a shader which simulates the effect of the blue/black clothing in this picture:

Marvel's Cyclops image

I've figured out how to do this in pwToon (and in Carrara's shader tree set) , but I'm looking for a more "realistic" look in DAZ Studio 4.5. I've been looking through the shaders which come with the Supersuit Pro Bundle and there are some velvet and suede shaders which might help with this. They might work, but I'm a bit confused on how to adjust the Fresnel settings to get the right look.

If anyone has any help to provide, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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    Link took me to a disney page and I confess i could not figure out which one you were talking about. Maybe find one on a more static page?

  • Sphinx MagooSphinx Magoo Posts: 507
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    Really? I click on the link and it sends me to a pop up window...
    How about this one?
    Cyclops Comic Art

  • KhoryKhory Posts: 3,847
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    I think you could get that lighter around the outside look with an edge blend node in shader mixer. But I'm still a shader mixer novice so not sure.

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    You could also try using the Velvet setting in uberSurface, or simply shining a bright light from almost behind the figure. That looks to be painting, not rendering, so you can't expect an exact match.

  • Sphinx MagooSphinx Magoo Posts: 507
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    I'll experiment a bit with the Velvet and Suede shaders I found among the Supersuit files.

    I'm trying to replicate in DAZ Studio a style I'd used in this image:
    Old image

    The effect of the inner black done with some of the DIgital Carver Studio plugins for Carrara. It's a nice effect for simulating that rim light effect without having to use rim lights. It's an effect used in comics and animation. PwToon even offers a way to get this effect with its toon look.

    I want to try and replicate this look in DS4.5 but without the softness associated with velvet. Maybe a sharper line between the light and dark...

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