How to improve "old" conforming clothing in DS45

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I have searched for a solution for a little problem, but no luck so far.

Here's the issue.

Like other people, I have a lot of "old" clothing for V4, some of which is Conforming, or at least it conforms the extent to which conforming clothing was possible in the "old" days.

For example, I have a bunch of uniforms for V4 created by 9mbi, which are good quality, and do conform well to V4 down to about hip level ... unfortunately when walking or posing, the skirt does not move with the leg, ie the leg goes through it.

Which is no problem, when just posing the figure, using morphs provided, or created, however I am interested in walk and action animations, and it would be too tedious to adjust the skirt frame by frame, just not worth while ...

So what I need is a method to get the rest of the cloth to conform to the thighs and move with the legs when walking...

Can anyone point me in the direction of some information and/or tutorials on this issue?



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    Don't they come with bone handles for moving the skirt? They're usually located under the hip in your bone list.

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    if your using ds4.5
    convert both the v4 character and the skirt/clothes to weight mapped
    then use the same method we use for genesis, add a smooth option and collide with

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