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Anyone know anything about this?


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    Yeah, I looked into it and I'm going. Since I tweet a lot of Poser updates on Twitter (@andolaurina), I asked Paul for a discount code that I could share.

    Here's the code:


    It gets you 15% off a Platinum admission, which is a pretty big savings. The Platinum admission gets you a bundle of free stuff from some the RDNA presenters.

    >> Link for the Platinum admission

    I'm pretty excited about it. I'm a Poser veteran but I look forward to learning some advanced techniques as well as brushing up on basics. The presenters are quite an illustrious crowd. It should be great.

    Steve Cooper (Smith Micro) will be speaking as well as:
    Eric Van Dycke (Traveler)
    Les Garner (Sixus 1 Media)
    Mary Williams (Nightsong)
    Ray Phelps (Dark Edge Design)
    Kim Schneider (Arki)
    Regina (Lady Littlefox)
    Surgio (Xurge 3D)
    Phil Cooke (Phil C)
    Chuck Taylor (Nerd 3D)

    Anyone else going??

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    what a shame it's a virtual expo, i'd so love to go to a real world one, not that i could afford to attend either lol

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    Thanks for the code. It's probably too advanced for me as I'm a newbie with Poser 9 but it looks really interesting. If I can get to grips with P9 I'll probably updated to P2012 once I buy my new pc.

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    @anikad - Actually I think 60-70% of it is for beginner/intermediate and the rest is for advanced, but I'm not totally positive.

    @Drew - Yeah, I'd rather have an in-person one instead, but this is cheaper than having to go somewhere. I know DAZ had a meet & greet out in Utah one year, but I'm not aware of a Poser one.

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    I've done the first day and it was brilliant, Traveler is a total brain explained the material room amazing well, and answer all my question. I paid full price and I'm totally satisfied plus I get the recording of the sessions for future use.

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    I've been enjoying this expo but my brain does hurt with all that new information. They do make it look very easy though.

    Oh and incase anyone hasn't noticed the vendors involved in the expo have some of their items on sale at 60% off.

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