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Star Trek Builders Thread!

edited October 2012 in The Commons

Reposting Mylochka's awesome link collection:

The Gigantic Mega-Mecha Trek Freebies List

Character Props:
Andorian Antennae --

Character Textures:
Andorian for M3 and V3
Additional Andorian textures for v3 --
Andorian for M4 --
Andorian for V4 --
Andorian for V4 and M4 --
Aenar for V3 and M3 --
Aenar for V4 --
Aenar for M4 --
Aenar for V4 and M4 --
Bolian for M3 and V3--
Bolian for M4 and V4 --
Klingon for M4 and V4 --
Klingon for M4 --
Orion for V4 and M4 --
Orion for V4 --
Romulan Tattoo Textures for M4 and V4 --
Vulcan for M4 and V4 --
Vulcan for M4 --
T'Pol makeup --
Trill Overlay --

Clothing and Jewelry:
Dynamic TNG and TOS Uniforms --
First Contact Suit for M3 --
Fringed Sash for M4 --
Goggles --
Klingon earrings for V4 --
IDIC Necklace --
Kolinahr Necklace --,-V4,-M3,-M4
Mirror Universe for V2 --
Romulan helmet for V4 --
TOS Uniform for M3 --
Sash for M4 -
Star Fleet Earrings for V4 --
Space Dress for V4 (new movie) --
Star Trek II Uniform --
V3 Retro Mini-Skirted Dress --
Vulcan Cap 01 --
Vulcan Cap 02 --
Vulcan Cap 03 --
Vulcan Headress 04 --
Vulcan earrings for V4 --
Vulcan Necklaces --
Vulcan Rings --

Clothing Textures:
"The Cage" era second skins for V3 and M3 --
DS9 Jacket (Doesn't say what model this texture is for) --
Aenar Costume for V4 Courageous --
Andorian Tabbard for M4 Valiant --
Andorian Uniform Textures --
Alternate Universe Texture for V4 and V3 MFD --
Alternate Universe for V4 Courageous -- and Raiver Trench coat textures --
Bajoran Uniform Textures for M4 Bodysuit --
Bajoran Uniform Textures for V4 Jumpsuit -- or
Captain Pike Era Tunic for M4 Valiant -- and
Captain Pike Era Tunic for V4 Courageous --
DS9 and VOY textures with Genesis neck fix --
DS9 Uniform for M4 Valiant and V4 Courageous --
DS9 Cadet uniforms for M4 Valiant and V4 Courageous --
ENT Uniforms --
ENT Admiral Uniform --
ENT Desert Uniform -
ENT MACO Uniform -- also , , , and
Kid Trek for Pixie Play for Maddie/Matt --
Klingon coat textures for M4 Valiant --
Klingon Uniform for V3 Morphing Tunic --
Mirror Universe TNG textures for Aery Soul's Everyday Vest --
Mudd's Women Dress #1 for MFD --
Mudd's Women Dress #2 for MFD --
Mudd's Women Dress #3 for V4 Courageous --
Romulan Commander's Dress --
Romulan Uniform Textures for V3 and M3 Tunic --
Romulan Uniform Textures for V4 Courageous --
Romulan Uniform for M4 Valiant --
Mirror Romulan A3 Retro Skirt Texture --
Romulan Uniform textures for M4 Valiant --
Romulan Uniform textures for V4 Courageous --
Sickbay Gown for MFD and DAZ Tunic --
Starfleet Dress Uniforms--
ST VOY Uniform Textures for EZ Casual (V4) --
ST Online Uniform for M4 Valiant --
ST Online Uniform for V4 Courageous -- or
ST Online Fantasy Uniform for V4 Bodysuit --
ST Online Fantasy Uniform for V3 Catsuit --
Tarah Costume for V3 Catsuit --
Tarah Costume for V4 Bodysuit --
Textures for Poserworld's SFO Dress --
TMP textures for V4 Clothing --
TNG and Voyager Uniform Textures for M4 and V4 -- (Poser) (D/S);-Uniforms-for-V4&M4;_DAZ-Studio-Version
TNG Uniform for Mike's Catsuit --
TNG Uniform for V3 Catsuit --
TNG Uniform for V3 Catsuit --
TNG Uniform flare --
TOS Dress Uniform Texture for M4 Valiant --
TOS Klingon Uniform for V4 Courageous --
TOS Romulan Uniforms-
TOS Romulan textures-
TOS Uniform Texture for Oishika's Retro Skirt Outfit for Aiko 3 --
TOS Uniform for James --
TOS Uniform for M3 and V3 Catsuits --
TOS Captain's Wrap Tunic for M4 Valiant -- with Flounce to go with the tunic version --
and a sharecg link for the matching Classy Flounce Skirt texture
TOS Dress Uniform for V4 -
TOS Dress Uniform for M4 - and
TOS Uniform for M4 Valiant --
TOS Uniform for V4 Courageous --
TOS Uniform Textures for V4 Courageous and M4 Valiant without Badges --
TOS Mirror Universe Uniform for V4 Courageous --
[Also requires V4 Buccaneer, V4 Classy Flounce Skirt and Top and High Boots for V4]
T'Pol Uniform Textures -
Trek Textures for Space Fleet Officer -- and and
Troi's Dress for V4's Courageous --
Troi Uniform Textures -
TWOK Uniforms for M4 Valiant -- Updated --
Variants on the TNG Uniform --
TREK XII Uniforms for Space Dress --
Trek XII Textures for Dark Embrace -
Trek XII Uniforms for M4 Valiant -
Trek XII Uniforms for V4 Courageous -
TWOK Uniforms for V4 Courageous --
VOY Uniform texture for P4 male --
VOY, TNG and DS9 Uniform Textures for V4 Bodysuit --
Vulcan Dress 02 for V3/V4 MFD --
Vulcan Medtech outfit for V4 Courageous --
Vulcan tunic 02 for V4 Courageous --
Vulcan tunic 03 for V4 Courageous --
Vulcan Outfit for M4 Valiant 01 --
Vulcan Outfit for M4 Valiant 02 --
Vulcan Robe for M3/V3/V4 Wizard Robe --

Instructions for creating pantyhose using shaders for V4 --;_calc_page#message_3109388

Face Morphs:
Amanda for V3 --
Bajoran Lady for V4 --
Chekov for James 6 --
Data for M4 --
Elf (or Vulcan) ears for V4 and M4 --
Helen Noel for V3 --
Helen Noel for V4 --
Janeway --
Marla McGivers for V3 --
McCoy for M4 --
Kang for M3 --
Kelinda for V3 --
Kirk 2009 (Chris Pine) --
Khan for M4 --
Klingon for V4 -- or
Kor for M3 --
Marlene Moreau --
Martha Landon for V3 --
Miranda Jones for V3 --
Natira for V3 --
Picard for M4 --
Riker --
Romulan Commander for V3 --
Romulan Forehead for V4:
Sarek for M3 --
Spock for M4 --
Stonn for M3 --
Surak for M3 --
TOS Bridge Officers for P4 man and woman --
TOS Officers for V3 and M3 --
T'Lenna (Original Character Vulcan head morph for V4) --'Leana-for-v4
T'Pau for V3 --
T’Pring for V3 --
Troi and Crusher for V4 --
Uhura for V3 --
Vulcan for M4 --
Vulcan Female (T'Pol) for V4 --
Vulcan for V4 (T'Pol) --
Vulcan Ear morphs for Simon, Sydney, V3,and V4 --
Vulcan Ear morphs for M3 --
Yeoman Tamura for V3 --

Furniture and Set Pieces:
3 Futuristic Games --
Anti-grav stretcher -
Beta-5 Computer -
Borg Alcove -
Cadet PADD --
Chair --
Dilithium chamber --
Federation console panels -
Federation Flag -- (waving version --
FlatComm -- TOS Viewer Update --
Fleet Chair (Voyager Era) --
Food Processor Unit --
Futuristic Food and Dishware --
Futuristic Wall with Doors --
Holodeck Arch --
Klingon Chair --
Klingon Captain's Chair --
Klingon Chair --
Klingon Gunner Station --
Klingon Viewscreen -
MARS viewer --
Medusa Case --
Misc. TOS Furniture --
Monitoring Board --
Power Unit --
Pre-TOS Desktop monitor -
Retro-Future Coffeepot --
Rec Room Items --
Romulan Cloaking Device --
Sickbay Recovery Bed --
SF Furniture --
TNG Cargo - or
Trek Style Biobed --
Tridimensional chess --
TOS Captain's Chair (includes an extension piece to convert into a Mirror Universe Captain's Chair) --
TOS Chair --
TOS Computer Consoles --
TOS Exercise Bench --
TOS Treatment Bed --
TOS Furniture --
TOS Video Comm Unit --
TOS Wall Comm Unit --
Transporter Effect Prop --
Triangular Doorway --
Vulcan Sculpture --
VOY Captain's Desk --
VOY Chair --
VOY Computer and Computer console --
VOY Cargobay crates and racks --
VOY Sicbay bed and Stasis chamber --
Vulcan Cabinet --
Vulcan Furniture --
Vulcan Sculpture -
Wall Hanging --
Weather Tracking Unit --

Hair models (TOS Era):
Andorian Bob 01 --
Andorian Bob 02 --
Andorian Short Hair --
Andorian Mid-Length Hair --
Alterra Hair --
Amanda Hair --
Angela Hair --
Captain Hair --
Deela Hair --
Deana Troi Hair --
Helen Noel Hair --
Gorkon hair for M3/M4 --
Kelinda Hair --
Klingon Female Hair --
Klingon Beard for M3 --
Klingon Hair for M4 --
Klingon Hair and beard for M3 and M4 --
Klingon Hair for V4 --
Klingon Bob for V4 --
Kirk Hair --
Kirk Hair for M4 --;=
Lady Jane --
Lissan hair V3/V4--
Lissan hair M3/M4 --
Lovey Hair --
McCoy Hair --
Marla Hair for V3 --
McGivers Hair for V3 --
Miranda Hair --
Natira Hair --
Romulan Commander hair for V3 and V4 --
Romulan Princess hair --
Romulan Updo 01--
Romulan Updo 02 --
Romulan Updo 03 --
Science Officer Hair --
Scott Hair --
Spock Hair for M4 --
Spock Hair for M4 --
Sulu Hair --
Spockie Hair for Cookie and Chip --
TOS B52 --
TOS Bob --
T'Pau hair --
T'Pol Textures for RQ V4 Hair --
T’Pel Hair --
Traci Hair --
Trina Hair --
Trio Curl Updo --
Thug Hair --
V3 Anabelle --
V3 Belle --
V3 Bouflip --
V3 Bunny Girl --
V3 Chris Hair --
V3 J Rand --
V3 Marlene --
V3 Sweetness --
Vulcan Female --
Vulcan Princess Hair --

Hand props:
Anti-grav and Antimatter Bottle --
Communicator --
Datapad --
Dynamic Mode Converter --
Ear reciever --
Electronic PADD --
ENT Hypo --
ENT Medscanner -
Hand scanner --
Hypo --
Hypospray -
Klingon Swag --
Medical Instruments --
Medical Scanner --
Medical Tricorder --
Saurian Brandy --
Starship Props (communicator, phaser, etc.)
Trek Tools --
TNG Comm Badge -
TNG Tricorder -
TOS Communicator -
TOS Medical Props --
TOS TriCommuicator --
TOS Wave Form Generator --
TWOK Era Props --,-Communicator,-Tricorder
Universal Translator --
Vulcan Lyrette --
Wrist Flashlight --

Bajoran insignia --
Fleet Pins --
Fleet Badge --
Rank Pins for WOK uniform --
Trek IX and Romulan Badge Props --
TMP Badges --

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