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Hi. I'm doing some lip-syncing, and whether I load an audio file into the audio options dialog window, or add an audio aniblock, if I save the scene, close it, then reopen it, the audio is gone. A regular aniblock will be there in place of the audio block, and the audio options dialog will be empty. It's not difficult to just reload the audio file, but I shouldn't have to.

This happens on my iMac i3, but on my Windows 7 PC it works fine. I prefer working on the Mac.

I'm using version

Any ideas? Thanks.


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    Sounds like you should file a bug report. http://bugs.daz3d.com

    Please note: the bug tracker requires a separate logon. You have to create an account. I strongly recommend you use the same username as you use on the forums so people can correlate bug reports to posts.

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    I just submitted a bug report. Thanks.

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    This is also true for audio in the timeline, tho I have no clue when it gets wiped from the timeline. My rule now is to not add audio and lipsyncing until I'm ready for the last few renders. Ultimately, it doesn't quite matter to me, as long as the lip syncing is there, then I can match it up in my video editing software.

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    Yes, that is all we can do for now. I'm sure it will be fixed soon.

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