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Hopefully I'm missing something, but I can't see anyway with the new store of telling which products are Daz3D Vendor versus just published by, I suspect it doesn't make a lot of difference to most people but if you own a Game EULU license is makes a huge difference.

Any idea how I can list and check which items are Daz3D as vendor? If not the Game EULU is broken big time :(



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    In the store on the left side where you find all the categories select DAZ 3d in the Top Published Artist category. This will filter all DAZ originals for you.

    ETA: added screenshots.

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    Look under the "Add to Cart" button. If under Published Artist it says "DAZ 3D", it is owned by DAZ.


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    Thanks just what I was looking for :)
    To the mods/Daz3D people, might be worth updating the game EULA text to reflect the newer wording for 'Vendor'.

    Thanks again,

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