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Luxus Plugin Vs Reality Plugin for using Daz Studio with Lux Render
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With Reality at least, the mesh Studio provides to it already has CC subdivision applied when subdivision is enabled on an object.  Any subdivision specified in Reality for Lux is additional subdivision of the item.  Thus, using the mesh resolution as the subdivision level driver in Luxus may in fact be causing the mesh to be subdivided twice—once by Studio when it hands Luxus the geometry and once by LuxRender.  If you’re getting the same mesh from Studio that Reality does, then I’d suggest only applying subdivision in Lux if the user has explicitly requested it via your Luxus parameters.

ProTip: The CC algo that Studio uses tends to do a better job on the humanoid figures than Lux’s Loop subdivision algo.  Lux tends to cause visible striations in places like the arms, chest and legs when Loop is applied, and it gets worse the more levels of Loop specified.  So for Genesis and V4, I always use Studio’s subdivision instead of LuxRender’s.


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