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hello all;I have downloaded some backgrounds to use in studio but I can not find a folder to put them in ...Do I need to make one if so where is it supposed to live??? thanks in advance Trish P.S. when you put a background in the picture how do you get it to save when its rendered???

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    mm,, you use background picture as backdrop ?

    About backdrop,, you simply download each pictures,
    anywhere you want in your pc,

    and you can use it as backdrop ,by top menu> Edit> back drop,,
    then set the path of the pciture you downloaded.

    Once save the scene, it can record the buckdrop path to the image.
    (if you "checked off" the setting of preference, you need to check on again, like my pic)
    Edit>preferences or short cut key "F2"

    on the other hand,, if you apply pic as material,,
    (create plane or wall etc,, then apply image as material on surface, then use
    it as background )

    you may better save the pic in folda which you made (eg backdrop texture)
    under ds content directory,so that ds can find the image, I think.
    then save material perset,, or save it as figure and prop.
    you can re-use the back gropund prop, (or scene subset etc) anytime you want.

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    Kitakoredaz; Thanks for the mini tutorial it has helped alot.....I appreciate it I learn better with pictures....Are there other things to use for backdrops besides photos....Could I make a background in Bryce and use it??

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    I do not know about Bryce at all,,
    but you may find many help by Bryce horic guys and admin ^^;
    so keep this topic,, and ask again ;-).

    then about backdrop,, it is like a decoration which stuck on frame of view. and renderd picture.

    it just follow your view movements. it never change,, even though you change view (camera1 camera2,
    or Perspective view)
    ofcourse you can set backdrop on every scene..

    it means you make scene first with figure and props,, and set other background objects,
    (building etc)

    Once you decide backdrop,, you may need to dicide adjust porps or figures which positon better to
    fit the backdrop picture. because you can not change backdrop positon,, or rotate free
    and if you set your camera aspect frame, 3 :4, in Render Setting,
    you may need to resize your pic to fit the aspect frame.
    by Gimp etc,, cut or crop,, the part you want to use as backdrop, which can keep the aspect. 3:4

    without it,, the pic stretch or shrink to fit the aspect .frame.

    then apply backdrop. it become "background" of the scene. (picture).
    when you mix scene object and use backdrop (of sky or envilonment)
    you may need to set invisible some part of the scene. like my pic,
    Now I set invisible,, ground and walls of the scene set.
    then apply backdrop.. (yes I know it is just strange scene , not artistic,, OK,,^^;)

    for me,, buck drop is most simple and easy way,, to decorate scene ,and make sky backgropund,,so I love it,,, ^^;
    But you may hope to set 3d object as background I make more realistic or good scene,,


    I believe other user may help you more ^^;

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    Some Bryce content can be sent to DS. I don't use Bryce much so I can't say what can and can not be used. You could always render a bryce scene and use the render like any other background image

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    Just wanted to say thanks, i also found this useful - especially with the pictures.

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    kitakoredaz; Thankyou so much for the pictures it makes is easy for me now...appreciate the help.
    CyberDog; good idea on using a blank scene from Bryce I will check that out...Thanks

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