Broken Genesis clothes with holes

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I haven't used genesis much so I don't know if this is a 4.5 issue or someting I'm missing.
Why are there holes in the garments? Is the troll too much?

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    The troll is a radical morph, certainly. Do the clothes you are using have a smoothing modifier applied? And could you post a smaller iamge (no more than 800 pixels per side) showing the issue, please.

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    I've run into this problem building clothes in the past, and the best advice is to make sure you have similar edge-flow and enough geometry. You don't have to match the basemesh exactly, but maybe have some circular topology if you want to use female breast morphs, if using muscle detail, maybe add a few more edge-loops in the arms and legs, The Smoothing Modifier can help with this, but may make your mesh too high-poly for animation.
    Also, in the Scene tab, remember you can hide parts. This was the old-school fix for poke through in Poser, but it only works if the part is supposed to be covered by the clothing, so it can be a hit and miss. But it's another easy fix for this problem.

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    In 4.5 you can use the Edit/Apply Push Modifier to correct for poke-through problems. You can then adjust the depth of the push modifier to your needs :)

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