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Is there a way to get Hexagon to stop making a wide sweep around a selected object or face, etc? I have the preferences set to "dolly around selection center" but there are times, with models that have several pieces, when the piece I'm trying to take a look at moves out of view as I'm trying to rotate around it. To make a tighter sweep around an object I usually click View Selection or View All but that moves the view out to certain distance then I have to zoom back in on whatever I'm looking at. I have to do this each time I click on another object in the scene tree.

I'm assuming there's a much simpler way that I just haven't learned yet. Using Alt LMB only jumps to rotate mode.


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    the only way I know of to accomplish this is to create an object such as a single polygon, position it where you want the camera to rotate, zoom in on that, and make it invisible, then work on whetever it is you're working on...

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    Similarly, sometimes I use a cube/s as a dummy, you can centre it around whatever move it where you need it and then focus on it, and hide when required also quite handy is the custom view control view/custom view or key 7 it does quite a lot, check out the options in the properties panel and experiment with it very useful sometimes.

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    Thanks for the advice guys. I completely forgot about the View Detail. It seems to to have taken care of the issues I put here in this frantic late night post. :red:

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