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[LINKS] Hiro3 Free Resources

robkelkrobkelk Posts: 3,257
edited February 2014 in Freebies

This is a list of legally-free resources for the Hiro 3 character from DAZ 3D. While all of the resources listed here are free-to-own (unless marked “paid item”), some of these models are only free-to-use for non-commercial purposes. It is the user’s responsibility to remain in compliance with each model’s license.

Note: Some items are marked “Cosplay”. The term is short for “Costumed Roleplay,” and (as it implies) items marked with this tag may make Hiro or his clothing look very much like a particular copyrighted character. It is the user’s responsibility to remain in compliance with trademark and copyright laws.

As always with my lists, contributions of links to other legal free resources for Hiro3 are not only welcome, they’re encouraged.

See this thread for instructions on how to register at

Looking for Aiko 3 Free Resources? See this thread:

Last updated 2 February 2014.

Paid Items
Not free, but too useful to ignore.

Cross Dresser 4 Licence for Hiro 3 (allows the free CrossDresser program to convert clothing to H3)


Eye Seam Guide for Mil3 Figures (second from bottom)

Gen3 Leg Material Fixer Scripts for Daz Studio

Hiro 3 Seam Guides (thirteenth from top)

Scalp Props for common Poser Figures ("for making stranded hair in Poser")


(Also requires Hitoro: )

Emrys For Hiro3

Fred for Hiro 3

Hiro Boys

Ice Angel: A Bishounen Character for Hiro 3

(Also requires Hiro Toon and Hiro Toon Expressions: and )

Koe for Aiko3 (includes Koe for Hiro)

L for Hiro 3 (Cosplay: L from Death Note)

Leif for H3 & Hitoro (second from top)
(Also requires Hitoro: )


My First Bishy Boy!

Roe for Hiro 3 (fourth from bottom)

Roti for Hiro 3 (third from top)

Satu for M3/H3/D3/Luke

Spikeish Morphs for Hiro (Cosplay: Spike from Buffy)

Yule for H3/D3

Non-human Morphs

A3/H3 Fae Morph

Alien_Morphs for Aiko and Hiro (Cosplay: Klingons from any Star Trek except the original series)

Celebration for Hiro & Aiko - Helpers (elf morphs for A3 and H3)

Critter Morphs for Aiko3 and Hiro3

Reptilian Alien Morph and MATS

Partial Morphs

Bishounen face morph for H3


Pengy Teeth

Character Textures

Drow Champion skin

Fantasy Textures for Mil3 figures
LINK (top of page)

Hiro A to Z

Hiro Trio

The Mad Albino (with UniMAT Merchant Resource)

U3 Black Skull Armor

U3 Celtic Texture

U3 Floral Texture

U3 Flower Girl

U3 Rainbow Warrior

U3 White Dragon Texture

Partial Textures


Banshee Mask

Buddhist Armour (Sak Yant tattoos)

G3 Eye Maps AND

Gen 3 Eyes A to Z (eye textures "converted from the V2 series into the eye texture format for Gen3 characters") OR


Full-Body Outfits

Simple Light Armor for Hiro 3
Texture templates:


shukky's MF_Psuit for A3,H3 OR

Pants, Shorts, etc.

Cazual LegWraps for Hiro 3
Textures: , , , ,

second skin D3 & H3

Simple 2nd-skin pants for DAZ's Mil 3 people OR

Simple 2nd-skin pants for DAZ's Mil 3's (part 2)

Shirts and Other Tops

Cazual Sleeves for Hiro 3

CSFS Shirt

H3 No-sleeve Shirt OR

Opening/Morphing Sweatshirt for Hiro (second row, middle column)

sione-Hiro-Shirt (top of page)

sione-Hiro-Shirt2 (middle of page)

Torn Shirt for Hiro 3

Shoes, Boots, and Sandals

Bossy Boots for Hiro 3
(requires Bossy Boots 2.0 - Vicki-4: )

EG Boots A3 H3

H3 Saddle Shoes OR

Mboots for Hiro 3

RollerSkates for Hiro3 (inline skates)

Sensible Shoes 2.0 for Hiro-3
(requires Sensible Shoes 2.0 for Vicki-4: )

sione-H3-Sandals (bottom of page)

Complete Outfits

2nd Skin Man & woman 3series old fashion

2nd Skins Megapack parts 3 and 4


H3 Neo Rockabilly OR

Hiro3 kimono (dynamic clothing) (third from top)

Textures: , ,

Litho le Fea Esquire



mono culture

Ode for Hiro

Painted Osculuse
Textures: ,

Prankish Gem
Textures: , , ,

Project Surf Dude

Second Skins Camo Pack 01

Second Skins Mega Pack Fractals

Shukky's KM_cloth for H3 (includes hair, wristwatch, and sunglasses)

Shukky's MH_cloth for H3

small sins

solarletariat twin pack

StillLife and StillMorning twin pack
Textures: , ,


2nd Skin SciFi Police uniforms

Gachi Ranger for Hiro3 (Cosplay: Power Rangers costume) (fifth from top)

Legion Rome 1 & 2

Prince of Tides

SchoolUniform for Hiro3;=&gcode=cloth&seq=2

Solar Federation Set - Part 1: Captain Horatio(H3)

Wardrobe Textures

Hobbit For Hiro (for Litho le Fea Esquire and StillMorning)

Textures for Paid Wardrobe

50 Fun T-shirts for Hiro 3
(Original outfit: )

Celebration for Arabian nites
(Original outfit: )

FG Plus Advent Calendar Dec. 5
(Original outfit: )

Mordian Texture (for Hiro Tunic Set, H3 Sky Command - 'Daedalus', and H3 Shadow Dancer)
(Original outfits: , , and )

Patterns for the A3H3 Casuals
(Original outfit: )

Rags for Hiro (includes a transmap to transform Mitsu Hair into short hair)
(Original outfit: )

Silo for Hiro DS Mats OR
(Original outfit: )

various textures for H3 Hope Gear (Original outfit: )
Each line is a different texture set:

various textures for Male Shirt H3, M3, David (original outfit: )
Each line is a different texture set:

various textures for Nagase Hiro (original outfit: )
Each line is a different texture set:


Alien Hair for Millenium Figures UPDATED

EXP Hair for Hiro 3

Poser Wigs Part 1/2

Poser Wigs Part 2/2

Punk/Grunge Hair

Wig Extras ( ^ ^ )

Hair Refits

Flexy Hair Refit for H3 OR
(Original hair: , 11 items from top)

Mitsu Conforming for H3/A3
(Original hair: (bonus with a purchase) OR (paid))

Refits for Paid Hair

Aiko 4 Long Hair Refits for the DAZ Males
(Original hair: )

Keysha Hair for H3 OR
(Original hair: )

Rebel Encore Refit for H3 OR
(Original hair is a purchaser's gift from )

Strike Ponytail for H3 OR
(Original hair: )


100 Super Hero Poses for the Mil3 Figures OR

A Bunch Of Miscellaneous Positional Reset Poses

Aiko and Hiro Couple Poses 01 OR

Couples Poses for A3-H3, A4-H4 & V4-M4 (Pack 2)

Couples Poses for A3/H3 & A4/H4 (Pack 1)

Dancing for A3-H3

Driving Poses for Hiro and Aiko 3!

Ghost Pack2: Generation 3 ("make the Gen3 figures, V3, M3, A3, Hiro, Freak, Millennium Baby, David and Stephanie Petite gradually turn invisible")

Hiro3 Groove Poses

Hiro3 Sit'n Poses

Hiro3 Stunt Poses

Interactive Poses

Love Pose - A3-H3

Silo Poses

South East Asian Duel (Poses, Prop, Scripts)

The Action Pose Project for Hiro 3

Utility Poses for Poser Figures (second row from bottom, right column)



00-01--Horn by d-jpp





Bird Beak for A3 - H3


Universal Sunglasses


Ghostbuster proton pack for A3 & H3

Props - Handheld

Angry Hornet Raygun Prop for Poser

Antimasher Raygun Prop for Poser

Atom Splitter Pulp Era Weapon Prop for Poser

Dark Ages Dagger with Sheath Props for Poser

Lawman 3000 Raygun Prop for Poser

Lukes ROTJ Saber (Cosplay: lightsaber from Star Wars)

Peculiar Stone Prop for Poser

Scalarator Raygun Prop for Poser

Silo Shield

South East Asian Shields

Props - Other

Vintage Raygun prop with Stand for Poser

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