Facial Expressions and the Transfer utility

I'm having trouble rigging items for Genesis using the transfer utility.
I modeled a mask and then imported it using the default options in the transfer utility (with a smoothing modifier).
Some of the individual facial morphs don't seem to transfer and the pose controls for the facial expressions don't work at all.

For example, if I dial up the "angry" expression the mask mesh remains static while Genesis continues to function normally. The same goes for any of the dependent morphs that the angry controller influences ("brow down", "nose wrinkle, etc.).

I tried opening the parameters tab and turning on auto-follow for the morphs in question, but that didn't do anything.
Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


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    Does it still happen if you turn smoothing off on the mask?

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    I just gave it a shot, turning off the smoothing parameter doesn't seem to have an effect.
    It seems like the morphs and posing controls that affect only the face don't transfer. There are a few that work, but most don't.

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    Ok, I tried a complete re-install of Studio 4 Pro. I had been updating it since the Beta came out, but I thought maybe a clean install of the most recent version would do the trick - no dice.

    I re-installed each set of morphs separately to get an idea of what the problem might be - so far only the default Genesis expressions and face pose controls are giving me trouble, everything else works. Any idea why those specific controls aren't transferring?

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    The Auto-Follow property appears to be off for the sliders on the head, which would stop the morph from transferring. However, I thought they were working for other items, such as the beards. Which version of DS4Pro are you using - the number is in Help>About DAZ Studio.

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    I was using (Win 64) when I first posted. I updated to 4.5 RC2 that was released this week, and I'm still getting the same issues.
    I tried turning auto follow on for the face pose controls, and that fixed the issue with the default expressions, but as far as the controls for individual facial features, only the brows seem to work. The mouth, eyes, cheeks, etc. don't have any effect on the mesh.

    It's also a mixed bag with the face morphs, some of them work some don't, seemingly at random. I'm not sure what to do about the morphs in the property editor, if I right click on one of the morphs that isn't working, I can't find the equivalent option to the "turn auto follow on" used for the pose controls.

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    After messing around with it in 4.5 RC2, I'm able to get everything to transfer. The only problem now is getting all of the morphs to follow Genesis. Right now I have go into the parameters tab and dial them in to match the face - but only for some of them.
    It's not a problem to go back and tweak the morphs in the mask to match the figure, it's just a little more time consuming. I'm not sure why auto-follow won't do it, but at least the issue is solved in a way.

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    I encounter the exact same problem, with the last version of DS4 : I have done some eyebrow in an external application, applied transfer utility from G2F to the loaded obj eyebrow : it works fine with morph but not so with facial pose ; when I ticked source morph in the transfer utility parameters, all the facial pose are transfered into the eyebrow but they won't follow the pose applied on genesis2F : I must manually apply them.

    Am I missing something ? it's strange because it seems such a current thing to do that I can't imagine this problem is still unsolved more than a year after it has been notified.

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    It's weird. I had everything working not long ago, I fixed it all in the property editor tab.
    But then they got rid of that tab, and now I can't seem to get it to work by using Edit mode in the parameters tab like you're supposed to now.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? This is really annoying.

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    I have not tested with Transfer Utility,
    but when I use Auto fit for body suit with gen2female,
    I have same problem about gen2female head poze controlls.

    then,, to modify them, we need to set auto-follow on about PHMs which used for poze controll.
    some of controller simply move two PHMs so that they do not need change follow type,

    eg Now the genesis2female Blow down poze controll can not auto follow.
    then this poze controll have two sub-component

    so that I need to check "auto-follow" "on" in parameter tab,
    Parameter setting (right top side small wheel icon) about these PHMs in genesis2female.

    then I need to un-fit the wear once. then fit-to again.

    after that when I tweak genesis2female poze controll , these PHMs auto follow to the bodysuit.

    to easy your work, after pozing genesis2 ,select genesis(actor root), go to parameter tab,
    then see currently used section,with edit mode. (you may need to show hidden parameter option)

    It may show you all PHMs which used by the poze controller.
    (it is shown as M(Morph) not P) then we need to change auto-follow type about these morphs only.

    But to change auto follow type and freeze them,
    we may need to save modified assets, or save thse morph again
    of genesis(2female).

    then it is clear bug. we need to report it. without if vendor release new mask,
    they can not auto-follow genesis2female head pozing.

    my pic show, I only modify Brow Down right (genesis2female PHM) auto-follow type.
    now supersuit only auto-follow about the right side blow movements ^^;

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    in TU click morphs and check transfer active morphs
    I do this with beards so they will work using mimic in carrara and to get facial morphs I can export for iClone too
    the morphs appear under actor not head then
    you can move them in edit mode if you wish
    I also have to do this using morphing clothes for my nonweightpainted figures.

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    wendy the way you talked is about how to transfer morphs.

    But even though you can translfer them, Clothings and bears transfered morphs can not auto-follow,
    when Actor use poze controll without changing Auto follow type.

    then the problem is not only about PHMs .(most of expression morphs have been forgotten to
    change follow type about gen2female),
    and also about MCM s which need to auto-follow for genesis2character expression.

    when apply other character gia or olmpia, then use expression ,and mcm have not auto-followed
    it sould be make poke through.

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    And to make clothing ,wear, mask,or eyeblow with TU and transfer maps rigs from Actor
    most of case we need not transfer any morphs without to modify shape of the item(like template morphs)

    because when use Fit to, and Actor use the morph or poze controller (then use PHMs etc)
    they need to be auto-generated (without eye lush etc,which break follower mesh shape)
    and not need to be saved with the mask or eye blow.

    If DAZ simply modify, auto-follow option, all morphs which need for expression poze,
    should be auto-generated, and work.

    We need not transfer all expression morph and save them again for follower.
    or need not tweak all genesis2female expression morphs one by one for mask or eye blow.
    it simply kill user time.

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    I record here how to transfer only expression morphs from genesis1 with TU if I need it .

    If you use ds default current version, it is not easy,
    you may transfer all morphs from genesis or, you need to set-up in edit mode,
    and remove morphs which you need not transfer.

    then, In 4.5 beta last version, You can use option to choose transfer morphs.

    1. select Genesis root, in parameter tab. in parameter tab option, check on "Show hideen properties"

    because about genesis1 most of head pozing morphs are set as hidden properties.

    these are not controller. which we find when select genesis1 head. it is important.
    because, we can not transfer any controller how we tweak them in parameter setting.

    how you change type or path,move them to root, there is no meaning.

    we can only transfer actuall hidden morphs. (which change geometry).
    and ALL actual morphs should be assigned with genesis root.
    if you find morphs with another node, it is simply Alias or controller.

    2 go to edit mode, in parameter tab. it clear show us what property type, and easy to select.
    the property is morph, alias, or property,, they spelled as M A,P

    Anyway go to General>poze controll>head section.
    then you may find many PHMs which used for expression or head pozing.
    they should be marked as M.

    3 choose and select morphs which you need to transfer only.
    with Ctrl key (windows). then R-click in parameter tab on your selected morphs.
    select, Auto follow >Enabe auto-follow ON on selected properties"

    Because when you transfer these morphs from genesis, the current option
    should be transfered too. if you keep Auto-Follow OFF,
    transfered PHMs of Target are Auto Follow OFF.
    you need to tweak them after transfer morphs.

    4 keep current selection, then R click again,
    Favorite>Add selected properties to Favorite.

    5 OK, now we can trasnfer PHM for expression to Target.
    check again, in Favorite section, keep select genesis root,
    All morphs which you need are grouped as Favorite,
    and their auto-follow setting is correct (ON)

    in my pic, I only grouped eye blow morphs as favorite,
    which need to use eye head blow poze controlelr.

    OPEN TU, then set Your TU setting,
    you need to set Extended Options for Moprh Target.
    From soruce, Favorites (or Favorites and Sub-Componets)
    if you have missed before, check on Override Existing.

    If you check sub-Component, it may export All mcm which work with the PHMs.
    (I feel usually we need not, because most of MCM are set correclty, then they can be generated
    without transfer them, and not need change setting)

    (check my pic setting, ,I have already transfered weight map etc,
    so that just check on About Moprh Targets, at this time,
    you may use projection template too, if you need)

    6 To check them, first, un fit your Target from genesis.
    then, remove genesis, and reload genesis.
    then Fit to again.

    7 select genessi Head then tweak any poze controller (about my case, only blow controlelr work)
    now transfered morphs should be work without problem.
    if you have already transfered some morphs, they may need to change auto-follow setting too.
    (but as for me, I needed not change setting any more)

    8 then reset-genesis, save your transfered morphs as morph again.

    (but without changing genesis morph auto-follow type, they can never auto-generated,
    which you have not transfered)

    I do not like transfer and save any-morphs without clear reason.(eg I need to modify and overwrite generate morphs etc)
    it is simply genesis morph setting problem. and we need not transfer expression morph,
    if daz correct them for genesis and genesis2.

    How long we need to wait daz simply find correct good setting for DAZ base figure?
    DAZ ofthen change DS, and improbe them, but forget and lose many important things too.

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    It may be worth bumping up this old thread, since I too am having the same difficulty as well (now on Daz 4.9).

    I create a mask from Genesis 3 face and use the transfer utility. But when I adjust any facial expressions, the mask does not follow the face. I've tried turning "auto follow" on in the parameters for the expressions, but this does not solve it. ...

    ...hoping that Daz has addressed this issue by now?

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