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Hello Everybody!

Hope your fine!

I am using Daz only for a while. I have clicked though the whole install process quickly before, but now I would like to read the terms a bit better. Where can I find them again?

Also, I would like to know how and when I can use the Daz avatars/genesis actors that I made in other software and final artwork. I would like to find a way to model some garments and show them on a custom avatar, but I would need to know if I am allowed. Can I make animation and film or whatever and just sell the film for example, with a daz genesis actor in it?

Could somebody send me a link to some valid information about this?

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    The only one that is available at this time is the Gaming EULA which is different than the General EULA.

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    HI lijlijlijntje :)

    The End User Licence Agreement is part of every installer for every product sold here,
    (it's that part you have to agree to, before you can install the software, or any products you purchase in the store.

    You can run any product installer, and read that agreement,.
    then cancel the installation process. by choosing.. ( I do not accept the agreement ) (see pic)

    In simple terms, you can use the products to create 2D images and animations, and those images and animations are YOUR work.
    You can sell Your work,.(the images you create using the software and the models you've purchased licences to use)

    You cannot redistribute the 3D models, or Software, or break apart any of the models or software, and you cannot try to sell the models or software as your own.

    As with all things legal,.. you should read the agreement "fully" for each product, as the terms may be different for Software, and Models.

    Hope it helps :)

    Oops : I'm too slow at typing ..

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    There have been some recent changes to the EULA agreement that have not been included in some of the older content installers. You can find the most current EULA here:

    Link removed

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    I know, but I forgot most that was in, just wanted to double check!

    Great, thanks!!!!

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    I've removed the link from jasmine's post as it is not the correct one - that is the EULA that goes with the Game Developer Licenses. The on-line versions of the regular content and application licenses have been lost in the site upgrade, this has been reported to DAZ.

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    Ok, so there is going to be a version online in the future. When will it be back up? Can you post that link here than? thank you in any case!

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    I've no idea when the EULAs will return (there are at least two, one for content and one for applications). I would hope soon.

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