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Carrara is just so unexplanably DIFFERENT ~ bizarrest thread ever (and why we should probably leave)
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holly wetcircuit - 10 March 2013 09:43 AM
Sockratease - 10 March 2013 08:45 AM
holly wetcircuit - 10 March 2013 08:18 AM
Sockratease - 10 March 2013 07:41 AM

I may need help getting registered at Carrara Cafe.

PM me when you have the email set up.

All set!

PM sent too.

Thanks for assisting.

wink see you there!


It went smoothly.

Guess I’ll poke around over there for a bit cool smile



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I just thought to say, the hostility around these parts is the main reason I don’t frequent them often these days.

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DT….....find some respite over at Carrara Cafe… does seem to be much more focused on just learning and enjoying carrara.




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I’m kind of feeling like DT. I don’t frequent the forums often like I used to partly because of the negativity and how Daz3D have behaved with regards to Carrara! A never ending beta, possibility that I will have to pay for the upgrade from Carrara 8 Pro to Carrara 8.5 Pro ( wouldn’t mind if only C8 Pro didn’t have show stopping bugs; I don’t want to pay for an upgrade that fixes bugs as to me an upgrade should only be chargeable when a new or enhanced feature set is available ).

I have filed bug reports, one in particular has been fixed which was causing me a lot of bother but it’s only fixed in 8.5. That means to get Carrara working properly for me I would have to, if there is a charge for it, pay to upgrade to 8.5 Pro. There has been no news on whether 8 Pro will receive even a service pack to fix the current showstopping issues.

Now I don’t even use Carrara any more. I’ve become so disheartened and fed up with it all I moved on. I won’t reveal what I’m using now but it’s an all in one solution, has regular updates and is an absolute joy to use.

Daz would have to turn Carrara around really amazingly to get me back to using it; unlikely though considering the current situation and the way it has been handled.

That’s all!

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I brokededed it!

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This is deeply weird. A few years ago when I started using Carrara I entered in the freebie contests as a way of learning. I identified Carrara as the program I was using and was never told I couldn’t enter. Was that just because I wasn’t good enough to be a threat then?  If not, something has definitely changed in the attitude. So if I go buy a competitor’s prog I can enter, but if I use DAZ software I can’t. That is Kafkaesque.

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Posted:Thu Oct 02, 2008 8:26 am
Okay, here goes my first ever. If I’ve messed anything up please let me know (or if there are obvious ways to improve the render). Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Title: Music’s Call
Prog: Carrara (I know Daz Studio would be better, but I can’t get my head around two new programs at once).
A little postwork in

Koz’s short bob:

Lourdes’ M3 Norman outfit:

Dark Whisper’s Lyre:

Joe’s Table with Bench for the bench:

3dSC–Medieval Project: Castle Props for the table and the goblet:

Luthorica’s candle and holder:

Age of Armour’s stein:

AprilYSH’s Jaime Hair:

Marforno’s stone tomb for the floor:

Max Hattuer’s skin shaders:


Paid Items:
Fairy Dress
Bun Hair

Thank you to everyone who answered my questions!


ok…Cbird “Music’s Call”. I like the simplicity of a well thought out theme in this. No clutter. You start off with 10 points. You have 11 direct link freebies, 2 points each, 22 points. Total freebie points 22. You have a title and theme, 2 points. You have lights, 2 points, you have shadows, 2 points. Clearity is very nice and you can see the freebies, 2 points. Scene reality good, 2 points. Textures are good, 2 points. Postwork was done and mentioned, 2 points.
Cbird ” Music’s Call” total points = 46

This is a perfect score plus 1 extra item. Very well done and listed. Short, sweet and simple. My kinda render…and “My Call”
Thanks for entering this.



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I knew we Carrara users were the red-headed step-children of the Daz world.  Apparently now we’re money-grubbing vultures too, anxious to swoop in and swipe those GC prizes from the poor DS/Poser users.  I mean, that’s the only reason we are making a big deal out of this, right?

It couldn’t have anything to do with concerns we have over Carraras future.  And I’m sure it’s not Daz’s willingness to exclude users of another Daz product while going out of their way to not alienate users of a competitors product.  That wouldn’t make any sense, because we know how important Carrara is to Daz. Why, they’ve released 2 full versions of DS in the time that Carrara 8.5 has been in beta, which surely means they are just taking their time to get it just right.  No, there are no signals that Carrara is being neglected or abandoned - so the money MUST be the reason why people are making a big deal out of this.

I haven’t had much time for my 3d hobby recently, but I’m finally getting time to get back into it.  So let’s get these rules changed quickly!  That way, I can win a $25 GC, and then if I can do that for about 200 months I can recoup all the money I’ve spent at Daz over the last several years.

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On rethinking this I’ve come to the conclusion this is actually a big complement for carrara. Carrara is just too professional of an application to be qualified to be in a contest with those armature apps. wink

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