ALT key crashes Carrara

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Recently, touching the alt key crashes Carrara 8.5 build 132 and I lose everything. I am a frequent user of the alt key for navigation. I recently installed Vue 11, and this started happening. What kind of overlap could I be experiencing? Any ideas? I'd hate to have to purge my system to start from scratch but I really need to have the ALT key.

BTW, where can I get a download link for the latest beta? I read the post in the Carrara discussion forum to obtain the serial number, but I don't see a download link.


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    are you on Mac by some chance?
    RichardChaos had that issue I believe

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    If you are not on a Mac, look inside the Application Event Log for an application crash entry. I'd be curious to see what it says...and I might be able to point you toward a cause.

    Just hitting the ALT key is definitely extremely weird as a root cause. There must be something more going on.

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