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Red/Cyan 3D glasses recommended to look at this thread
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Thanks for the compliment. Glad you got a good pair of glasses. They do make a big difference. I just got a big screen 3D TV that will read MPO files from an SD card. I’ve been able to get some images up and they look incredible. You don’t get the same ghosting that you get with color anaglyphs. I’ve been doing 3D photography for years and tried to do it a couple of times in Carrara, but it just didn’t seem to work. I’m not sure if my test scenes had the wrong scale or maybe they didn’t have enough objects at different depths. I almost always use B&W anaglyphs because they just look better. Hasboro ( released My3D recently here in the US. It’s like the old ViewMaster except you put your phone in it. It has two lens and if you show a side by side image it works very well.  It even works with video files.

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Thanks for the 3D camera advice. Parenting the left and right cameras to the center camera worked in DAZ Studio. I had experimented with the anaglyph technique before, but found placing the cameras very difficult. This technique makes it so easy! Here are a couple I just tried. The 3D effect is not real strong. Maybe I should experiment with placing the cameras a little further apart.

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