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Dr. Frankenstein

BarricBarric Posts: 16
edited December 1969 in Hexagon Discussion

When I save a model in Hexagon and then at a later point bring it back up. It looks as if the model has had some really bad surgery. The ribs are sunk in, a face is on top of the head and it looks like some scattered a mouth with teeth and muscle on the foot. I'm using Windows 7. I have a great video card.Is there a fix for this?


  • wancowwancow Posts: 2,708
    edited December 1969

    I've never had this happen. Can you show us screen shots of before and after?

  • BarricBarric Posts: 16
    edited December 1969

    They will not allow me to up load the pic

  • BarricBarric Posts: 16
    edited December 1969

    The UV's were out of align. I have gotten them close but, at least it's not interfering with me modeling.
    Thanks for trying to give me a hand.

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