Free Slim Character for Poser and DAZ Studio (2nd of Toon People Series)

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Meshbox released a new free character - actually two free characters Girl Slim and Boy Slim of....Slim!

Slim has its own page on Facebook, so check it out.

800 x 800 - 641K
800 x 800 - 174K


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    Not everybody uses facebook, so it needs a link to the freebie page (not a commercial page) for people to download.

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    After doing all the steps to get the Slim base and also the Chunk base from Mirye Software and received the download links by email, I am struggling to get any of the 2 items to download successfully. Slim is about 70 mb and Chunk 50 mb or so.

    I have sent Chikako from Mirye Software (Meshbox) an email about download issues but he couldn't give me other download links. This actually mean it was just a waste of time to try these downloads. Even my son-in-law who is on much better and reliable internet connection tried several hours and has experienced the same that it just keeps failing after about 8 mb or so on both files. I am using Firefox on adsl connection. Trying today again the files is not active anymore since it's only available for a period of 48 hours due to security purposes.

    Has anyone else experience such problems?

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    I got the email download link too, but I can't even get at the home page now -- getting an Invalid SQL "fatal error". Maybe they're trying to fix it again. Maybe too many people arriving at once.

    Mirye does have its problems with user access!

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    Later that same day, download links works directly from email, took 2 tries after the 1st attempt ended prematurely, but the Slims are now working on MrSparky's railroad.

    800 x 579 - 105K
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    Slim was updated today to 1.0.1. We got a lot of feedback on various irritations with clothing, file names, etc and fixed those. Plus, a healthy number of new phoneme dials added. And better DAZ Studio compatibility :)

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