My biggest ever freebie is now avaliable...

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Inspired by a incredibly wide variety of sources, everything from the BlueBell railway, Dinky & Corgi diecast toy, the Magic Roundabout (60's & New version), Biro, Thomas The Tank engine, British Rail, Hornby & Tri-ang, and even Casey Jones! Sparky's Toon Train is a cartoon style 3D model with just over 30 parts as shown below.

More info can be found in the read me and best of it it's totally 100% free!


.: A complete model train :.

ToonEngine - A proper old fashioned steam train, as it should be!

The engine features a highly detailed cab with pipes, levers, dials, Smart mapping also means you can change the nameplate quickly with the supplied BMP template in the textures folder. Plus you easily add a face to the front texture map for Thomas style trains (not included as I'm unsure if this concept is copyrighted or not).

ToonTender - A tender for the engine, complete with modeled coal.

ToonCarriage - Travel in 1st class comfort in the toon carriage.

ToonWagon - A open wagon for carrying stuff - textured as the other models in primary colours for better images.

ToonMilkTruck - It's a toon train - did you expect beer! :)

ToonPWagon - A semi closed wagon for carrying more stuff.

ToonGuardVan - Handy for Casey Jones scenes and for hiding from the Boss, the Guards Van.

1024 x 1024 - 204K


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    .: Accessories :.

    BridgeGirder - A girder bridge.
    BridgeStone - A stone bridge.

    .: Scenery :.

    SceneryFence10B & SceneryFence10W
    Avaliable in 2 colour schemes Brown and white this fence is a 10 unit section.

    SceneryFence20B & SceneryFence20W
    Avaliable in 2 colour schemes Brown and white this fence is a 20 unit section.

    SceneryHill - a simple hill model like as seen in most cartoons.

    SceneryHillTunnel - A hill with a tunnel.
    SceneryTunnel - a tunnel without a hill :)
    Please keep your heads inside the carriage when in the tunnel.

    SceneryHouse - A nice toon style terraced hour, with a 100% perfect mesh topology!

    SceneryStation - With a nod to the colour scheme of the Tri-ang station, with seats, signs and silver Corgi style milk churns. Station signs can be easily changed to whatver you like by editing just texture map.

    SceneryTree - cartoon style tree, as you'd see in the Beano.
    SceneryXmasTree = cartoon style xmas tree, like in the Dandy.

    .: Track & Stuff :.

    Track10 & Track20
    Track in lengths of 10 and 20 units.

    TrackCorner(s) 1-4 - bit of tracks so you can go around corners.

    TrackPoint(s) 1-2 - allows trains to move onto other tracks.
    TrackPointsLever - switches the train from one track to another.

    TrackLevelCrossing - for when those annoying cars want to cross the tracks. The image on the train sign is that as used at Amberley Chalk pits, just in front of the tunnel where they filmed the "Lucky Strike" mine scene for a James Bond movie.

    TrackBuffers - stops your train from running of the end. Note the design is like a real one where metal boxes clamped to the rails slow the train down slowly and safely.

    TrackSignal - to keep things nice and safe.

    1024 x 1024 - 234K
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    BTW - As this will be my last big freebie for a few months, I thought I'd give the community something nice to say thanks for being so supportive.

    So heres the link.......

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    Ahh Sparky you did it. Such a charming, adorable, oh so cute piece of work. Love it! and Thank you very much.

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    Absolutely a fantastic set. You've outdone yourself. :)
    It's awesome! And I thank you very much for your generosity past and present. I hope life treats you well.

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    Yeah, already said thanks elsewhere but I had to say it here, too. Awesome! Thanks :)

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    Wonderful freebie, thanks so much.

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    This set looks like a lot of fun, thank you very much, a great freebie

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    Love it, brings back childhood memories too....thanks mrs parky...sorry mr sparky. ;)

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    mrsparky said:
    BTW - As this will be my last big freebie for a few months, I thought I'd give the community something nice to say thanks for being so supportive.

    So heres the link.......

    thank you - all the best

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    Oh my goodness this is choo-choo heaven!!! Thank you so very very much. What a wonderful gift you nutty genius you!

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    I'm not usually into trains, but this is so nicely modeled and very generous, so DL'ed and installed. Thank-you!

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    This would be a great piece to add to a Christmas scene as a toy train around the Christmas tree.

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    Heavens to Betsy! This is absoluely wonderful Mr Sparky. Thank you so much for your work and generosity. I think I love you :lol:

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    Fantastic product! Much thanks!

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    Wow! Thank you so much for this wonderful freebie. I can't believe how much is included!

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    Well, I suppose this is one way to commemorate the 150th birthday of the Ffestiniog Railway's "Englands"... :-) although this doesn't quite look like a narrow-gauge railway.

    Thank you!

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    Fantastic freebie!
    Thanks a lot, mrsparky...again! :)

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    You sir, are awesome, thank you.

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    Thanks for the kind words everyone, and don't worry there will be more freebies soon. This one is just the last big 1 for a little while.

    robkelk - yea it's pretty much a mix of everything. More inspiration from classic toys and models than the real things.

    Though I'm hoping to do this tomorrow.. might get some more ideas.

    Last time there, we forgot that steam trains ain't like electric ones, they need 3-4 hours to 'come to steam'. Unfortunately a busy schedule meant we didn't have time. So tomorrow if the airline's sundial is working properly, should get to have a ride:)
    Though the museum - especially the flight and turbine halls are well worth a visit on their own and it's free.

    Which reminds me - I'm away for a week on assorted photo jobs, with limited web access, so if I don't reply here or to IM/mails thats why. Though it would be nice to come back and see a few piccys of what you've folks have done with it.

    BTW - one part of the trip is snapping a U-Boat.. if thats inspiring enough, you might get one of those :)

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    My son LOVES trains! I can't even tell you how thrilled this makes him haha! This is a HUGE freebie and we love you and I love your store and all your amazing freebies!!!!

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    Train goes nicely into Bryce, now to add some more stuff

    900 x 675 - 224K
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    This is a magnificent set and I thank you for your generosity sharing this with the community for free! :)

    Kind regards,


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    Wonderful set.
    Thank so much.

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    It's a nice set, and I'll be using it in the March freebie contest.
    One question, are you planning on expanding it? Because it needs a few parts.

    For example:
    A right hand switch, ( you have 2 left hands).
    A 45% curve, (got 4 90's)
    Ramps for the trestle bridge.
    And maybe a cross track.

    Anyways, thanks for this set!


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    thnk u so much for a awsome gift xxx

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    this is really it a lot!!!
    thanks you very,very much!!!

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    Wonderful set. Many thanks.:-)

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    Zowie! This is fantastic! Thank you so much, Mr. Sparky!!!

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    I feel like a child at christmas! THANK YOU!

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    Thanks everyone - sorry I've not replyed eariler, or in detail today, been away. Just got back, ironically to a train delay!, pretty tired. But would like to say yes there will more parts added to this over time. All free of course.

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