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Exporting Poser with texture for Zbrush or other option for this presentation.
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I am working on a presentation that I created using poser, Daz models and zbrush.  It is a life size bronze of the Mad Hatter tea party and is for a park.  I would now like to insert real children into the “bronze” model to indicate to my client the interaction of real people with the sculpture. I thought maybe I could create figures in Poser and then import them into zBrush, but I’m not sure how to get the materials.  I’m also open to another way to do this. I tried importing the zbrush file into poser but I have to decimate it so much it loses too much when it gets into Poser.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Do you mean real photographs of kids or daz 3d models of kids?

Can’t you do the addition in Photoshop if they are real photographs? If 3d models, I think you can add textures in ZB by clicking new textures and selecting a texture from the runtime folders & combine that with ZB skinshader.


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