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In the past I've have posted freebies here and for the most part they have been for V4, M4, or some Daz related figure. However, I have also posted things here for Poser-only based figures like Sydney, Kelvin or Jessi. I received some pretty negative comments when I did.

Since I can't use Genesis, my attentions have been diverted to other figures for Poser like Anastasia, Tyler and mostly Miki 4, and I've posted the freebies over on Renderosity's Freebie page.

Up until now, I haven't bothered to post here to let anyone know about the freebies because... well, frankly, I wasn't sure just what kind of response I would get. I know letting people know about where freebies are is welcome here, but my question is... do the freebies offered here HAVE to be Genesis or DAZ related? Since Studio can't use the new Poser figures and apparently has no intention of changing that anytime in the future, am I still allowed to post Poser-only freebies here? Or should I just take my stuff and go?


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    All freebies are welcomed. Have you not noticed we have list of freebies for non Daz figures if you check the compilation of links to freebies at the top of the forum.

    The only time a freebie link would be removed is when it is only posted as a blatant advert for a commercial site other than DAZ 3D.

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    I make stuff for Xurge's outfits all the time. Freebies for non-DAZ figures are fine.

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    Just a comment unrelated to the question - love your freebies!

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