where are my saved poses and figures?

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Everytime I save a figure or pose it never shows up where I can find it. I found some in My Documents/DAZ3D/Studio 4/Content, but can't load them back into DAZ. I also have a problem with paths with spaces in them, even tho I don't put spaces in my filenames, some of the morphs or mods have them and when I try to reload a figure DAZ can't find it (example: "url" : "/Runtime/textures/PoseidenTech/V420% Amber/AmberMouthA.jpg") or even worse (8)!. I know if I change the directory name it won't load at all since the path is hard coded. Is there a simple fix for this?


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    Why can't you open the files? Where did the path with the hexcode come from? Sceens should reopen, and spaces in foldr names shouldn't cause issues - I have plenty of them.

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    Where is your content folder, and what is your operating system? Can you go to Edit>Preferences>Content Library>Content Directory Manager, expand both the "DS Formats" and "Poser Formats" sections, and post a screenshot?

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    Okay this is what I know about DS. The file Icon will be in the Last content folder you had open. The actual file path will depend on the last file path you loaded from. I always change the File path to a folder I know when I secect the Save As option. I also Open a content folder I wish the Icon to appear in BEFORE I select the Save As option.

    I went so far as to ADD a folder under the My Library Folder , I named it My Stuff. I then went and Added a Folder under the Das Studio Formats in my Content Library named My Stuff. When I save I open the content folder My Stuff first then I select Save As and browse to my real folder My Stuff when I save.

    Doing that All my scenes and Characters are in one place everytime. My Stuff.

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    The "hexcode" is inside a dsf file, and no matter how many times I load it and locate the files DAZ is looking for, the next time I try to load it same problem. Can I manually edit the path in the dsf file from “url” : “/Runtime/textures/PoseidenTech/V420% Amber/AmberMouthA.jpg”) to: “url” : “/Runtime/textures/PoseidenTech/V4 Amber/AmberMouthA.jpg”) , replacing 20% (which is the space character), with just the space character?

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    It sounds like Jaderail has the right idea on the paths. I think that's what's been happening, so I'm gonna give that a try. Since the path is inside the files, I need to load the file then "save as" into the path/folder I want, and get them organized. Thanks!

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