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Hexagon to Daz - Now I get it (pt3)

texjonestexjones Posts: 0
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OK, I understand it now, If this helps someone else. Here in the render, this is a basic setup frame for a hotel I am creating to go into the scene. The one thing I have learned, (actually there’s two), when in Hexagon, this is one room copied five times, the room divider copied once and the floor divider is just lengthened enough to cover the area, in Hexagon DO NOT make them into a group. I saved it as it is, seperate parts so each has its own characteristic then exported it as an object in Hexagon. Re-opened the object in Hexagon, as an object all the parts become one, still with their own characteristics, then sent that to Daz. and everything stayed exactly.
The second thing I’ve come to understand, in Hexagon, the loops I made to cut out for the windows and door frames, the mistake I was making before was cleaning up those loop lines. DO NOT clean them up, leave them. When you unfold the object for the UV, you can select each part face to adjust the checker to make sure they all fit the same. BEfore now, I was taking out those loop lines and when I sent it to Daz, Daz responded by trying to close the lines (those diagonals I kept getting). IN this, if I had gone ahead and cleaned up those lines there would diagonals all over the place. And If I had grouped everything they would all have one texture. But as you see, there are nine pieces each with own characteristic and textures. And to prove I'm right, I did another cube, with the cutouts then cleaned up the loop lines, saved as an obj, then sent to Daz and there were diagonals all over the place.
So now, I start making the door and windows, and again for each part DO NOT group, leave them seperate they will become one as an object sent to Daz. And DO NOT clean up the loop lines.

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  • texjonestexjones Posts: 0
    edited February 2013

    Almost completed. Same thing here, created the window frames copied it eleven times and the curtain also. Saved everything, then exported as an obj into Hexagon, then re-opened the obj in Hex and sent to Daz. Everything is still intact as I did it. I didn't like the doors I was making so I'm just going to add doors from Room Creator.
    The window and curtain were created seperately in a new file then imported (the obj) into the basic building set up scene and copied there eleven times. But when I brought the window/curtain into the scene they were far apart, so the solution was to shrink the Z axis and bring them closer together, and adjust the X and Y to fit.
    Also, I found if I apply the texture before I make the cuts, I can re-apply the texture as I go to where it will even out. Over in the UV properties re-click the three applications until it works out right.

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  • texjonestexjones Posts: 0
    edited February 2013

    Went back and re-worked it, using Room Creator door and window as a model for size and to cut out the frames for each. Then created my own doors and windows and roof (the roof texture I found on the net, same as the door wooden textures). The curtains is where I learned to keep cutting the rectangle and "squeeze" every other loop to get the effect, Daz adds the smoother.
    Again, NOTHING was grouped in Hexagon, and did not clean up any loop lines, but re-applied the texture in the UV properties each time I made the loop cut. Saved all of it as a single object in Hexagon, then re-opened in Hex and sent the object to Daz. Then in Daz take the smoother off the doors and give them the skin lighting model. Then the final step before saving this as a prop in Daz, I bring in M4 to check for size, if clears the door, etc. And since learning how to set the XYZ values in Daz, it really helps in Hexagon.
    So I got it now, I understand Hexagon to Daz. Now to complete the layout I add the stairs and balconies from MacLean. And those lantern type street lamps from Stonemason (the Urban Sprawl).

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  • texjonestexjones Posts: 0
    edited February 2013

    Also, I find the transfer is easier and more solid if all files are in the same folder, the first Hexagon file with the exported object and the final Daz prop, as the material(s) for the obj/prop is also in that folder.

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