trouble with ps->daz bridge

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A few three days ago I submitted the following request to the help center. In the meantime, would anyone here have any ideas that may help resolve the issue:

"I just recently installed DS4.5. Today I installed the 64 bit PS/DAZ bridge, and as asked for in the install dialog, I selected the folder where ps looks for plug-ins. When I start PS and choose File->Automation Tools->DAZ Studio3D Bridge, I get the error message "Could not complete your request because of a program error" and the only choice is to halt the request. I've tried installing the 32 the 64 bit versions, but with no luck. I tried to install to a different directory and have PS look there for the plug in, but it either failed or the option "Automation Tools" was greyed out. I'm currently using PhotoShop Elements 5.0. Finally, when in PS I choose "Help->About PlugIn->DAZ Studio 3D Bridge" I get "Version CS3 Release 1 (01/14/2007)."


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    It wont work in Photoshop elements, and certainly not in an older version. I believe that you need at least CS3 for the bridge to work properly.

    I did get it to show up in Elements 9 at one point, but I am now using Elements 11 and haven't tried it since.

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    Sorry, missed that you were using Elements.

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    The DS3 PS Bridge worked in PSE 6 up to a point. But unfortunately it didn't work with DS4.5's PS Bridge.

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    Okey dokey, time for a plan B. As usual, excellent answers that are right on the money. Wow, CS, DS, PSE my head is swimming.

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    I believed it used to work with DAZ Studio 4.5 but now is not working. Ive reported bugs to both DAZ and Adobe

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