Exporting UV maps, textures from Hexagon

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I just need to confirm what I think I know. When I create a model in Hexagon and UV map it and put color and pictures to it...I export it to .obj and import to Daz 4.5 and all the "pretty stuff" is gone and just left with grey object. This is normal right? I have to use some other software to be able automatically import those maps and textures right?

I have looked at several tutorials and it looks like everyone stops the tutorial in Hexagon. The only tutorial I have seen with the finished Hexagon model being exported to DAZ with textures and maps in place, they had used "UV Mapper Pro" to do it.

I know that I can choose some textures in Daz and .bmp maps but it does not appear that Hexagon makes any files that Daz can easily import and use except the "grey" .obj

I thought I would check here first to make sure I wasnt missing something before buying more software.
It also appears that Carrara would do the trick.

Thanks for your replies everyone.


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    The normal process is to export the .obj then open it in a UV mapping app - UV Mapper Classic (free) is fine for this. Export the UV map and texture it in a paint app. Open the .obj in a rendering app and load the texture.

    If you do the texturing in Hex, it will save a .png map in the same folder as the .obj. In Studio, navigate to that through the "Surfaces" tab and load it in the "Difuse" channel.

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    Thanks for the reply. It does save a .png when I create a photo from uv map. When I add that .png to the difuse channel it does not change anything. I am just using a square box with a gold texture. Nothing complicated. Daz just wont open the texure or color. Either that Hex is not exporting them. ( I do have the "export UV" box checked)

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    I suggest you take a look at the .png and see whether it is good - also make sure that the UV map is fully on the grid.

    Something else - sounds pretty silly, but worth checking that the model is selected in the scene tab in Studio. This is not automatically selected on import and needs to be to be able to apply a surface:)

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    I normally use the UVmapper & art package route, but had a look at doing it in Hex. First thing I did was to use a Cubic Projection then painted over it. Here are a couple screen grabs to show the setting I used -

    1778 x 2000 - 266K
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    Make sure that you have the view port set in Daz Studio to Texture Shaded :)

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